Tokyo Midtown in new 'Maserati Ghibli! 100-year anniversary celebration!


1914 year、Maserati was born in Bologna。This year100AnniversaryPick up、New "Ghibli Ghibli"Was born。To commemorate this anniversary、5/9(Friday)、10(Sat.)、11(Days)The three-day、In the limited time offerTokyo MidtownGalleria B1F Atrium newGhibliThe full-range was exhibited at first appearance!


Maserati Japan co., Ltd.Hosted by the、Tokyo MidtownThe Galleria has undergone a transformation as a showroom、3Becomes possible to visit free of charge during the public open days、Had attracted the interest of the people。This time、Announcement of the new Ghibli、Furthermore, strategic pricing、The earned interest from more people than ever before?。

Ghibli (RWD left and right handle) 8,340,000 yen (consumption tax included)
Ghibli S (RWD left and right handle) 9,670,000 yen (consumption tax included)
Ghibli S Q4 (AWD RHD) ¥ 10,390, 000 ~ (consumption tax included)


New exhibited vehiclesGhibliThe、One crystallized elegance and sporty contradictory elements、Truly masterpieces of design.。In the first representative Buri were born in 1967、Balanced graceful lines and balanced proportions、Exudes a particularly stylish and sophisticated impression。


Maserati tradition of outstanding performance、Maneuverability and innovative Italian design、The ease-of-use has been decorated as a strategic price setting new Ghibli.。This beauty is in the bodyBluemozioneThe、Has appeared in the promotional video、His conspicuously in color with a metallic texture, depth and dignified、We are appealing to the presence。


Strong sales of Maserati in recent years is in itself、2013Shipments of the year、Year on year148%Become a154000000 unitsRecords。New hotels in TurinArve Giovanni anjellie factoryAlso start and run、2015By the year510,000 units.In is anticipating a production。Because of its growth strategy、The maseratijapan of the year、From 16 locations of the end of last year, the number of dealers、And make plans later this year to increase up to 22 locations、As early as in June、We live inHamamatsuAlso is the long-awaited opening。Afterwards、Kanazawa、Chiba、The new appointments and Itabashi。During such、And the new storeMaserati HamamatsuFor the store managerSugiura AkiraWith Mr. within the Tokyo Midtown "The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo"In heldMaserati its 100th anniversaryWe have joined the party to celebrate!


2014On May 9,.、18When the half-open now、19oclockMASERATI NIGHT This is the opening reception!


On the terrace floor because of cozy night breeze blew、Dive into the eyes of men enjoying cigars。And at the entrance100th anniversaryPick-up of large-size panels to commemorate。


Fabulous black and white screen Panel feel the history。


Live jazz there、Sachs、Piano、An elegant and glamorous adult plays contrabass trio time。


Produced by brother Alfieri Maserati from Maserati。With the large Panel's history。


Within the venue、Submited from corner to corner and filled with the right people、Wrapped in heat! Laser light from all sides、Wall, this screen displays the projected emblemTrident、Space filled with elation!


In the Middle、Equipped with monuments celebrating the 100th anniversary of Maserati、It draws the arc DJ booth seating、In the choose fly half sparkling wine and guests passed!


Maserati JapanPresidentFabrizio cazzoliWords of greeting and thanks from Obama (45 years old)。Moved to Japan ten years、2010In Maserati Japan established and at the same time President has been.。


A toast to may exceed several hundred names with our 100th anniversary!


Hood、In cocktail style、Guests can enjoy numerous colorful finger food and sweets、Lineup!


In the Hall with lobby、Because of terrace and spacious、Our guests enjoy the Exchange, each is free to move。


Friends inMaserati YokohamaThe salesmanOzawa TakehisaWith Maserati owners and for fun。


100In anniversary Panel front.Maserati HamamatsuThe store managerSugiura AkiraHis photo。Serve the hot talk Maserati、Hamamatsu was wondering who goes to the right of the master of the、Maserati history this person is!Of Sugiura's is fast approaching! (Lol) now、A long relationship that I think、Husband and wife together, please!


Japan Maserati Maserati Japan

Tokyo Midtown

The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo

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