Architecture and in 1918 founded "Atami sweets Atami Honke Tokiwagi" third generation to over inherited tradition


"Atami Ginza shopping district"In front of the entrance、1918Founded in the year (0/1918)、
Long-established to be about to enter its founding 100 years to the magnetic "Atami sweets Atami Honke Tokiwagi"There。
The jelly、As a flagship product, made in the manufacturing process from inception、
Other acne mochi and picking up during the。
The splendid shrine building was built, with the skills of carpenters at the time、
Fold on the small ALBAYZIN pair、Is over sight to behold in every detail.、
When you ask for sweets、And by all means also the splendor of the building to enjoy you want to shop。
It is also one of this popular products "Kibimochi"
Atami Onsen inn "Atami Fufu"On that former manager、Currently, of Toyama is "GARAKUIt can be served as the general manager of "
Daisuke MatsumiyaAnd I'm in has been introduced since、We have to buy a gift for.


OriginalTsurukichi MaezawaMarried to、Since in practice as a sweets shop in Atami、
Will and signage products、Loved by a wide range of ages "Sweet bean jelly"The、
Since inception、About one hundred years between the、Condition of the goods confirmed by you as、
Using the transparent cellophane、And packaging by 1 rod、Are lined up on store shelves.


Its founding "Atami Honke Tokiwagi"The、That had been operating in the high street、Later transferred to the cross street of Ginza、
During the Pacific war、1944yearThe heat lost the store in Shanghai City fire。
Of the following year1945yearA while after the war of the Pacific war、
Invited carpenters from Kyoto put、Approximately two and a half years what took、1948yearTo store the current temple building was completed。
After、As a wooden building of the Showa era should leave carefully stacked Shuzenji。
Occasionally also a culmination of craftsmanship to every detail of the building on small nails hidden pair coffered ceiling and Peacock and Butterfly、
And、At that time rare chandeliers、Such as the Pug-ugly、
If you can see slowly and ♪ wife had we please talk


"Atami Honke Tokiwagi"The、Taisho、Showa、Different fiscal and three times、
FounderCrane Kyrgyzstanis、In the son-in law (second daughter Aiko's husband)Shigeo(Second generation)、It's followed by grandchildren husband (husband of his granddaughter 咏)Chapter Governance(Third-generation) of conduct adoption among、
3Generations、Continues its history and signs。
In the meantime、Are loved by many famous people、Above allYokoyama TaikanFounder andCrane KyrgyzstanThe at has deep friendship、
It seems there was also a place where the teachers of culture who represent Japan gather to ♪


"Kibimochi" 8 pieces 500 yen

Using grasses in one grain of millet、Is a gentle flavor rice-cake sweets。
The millet、While grain in most low-calorie, and、Contains more calcium and dietary fiber、Food body will be pleased。
The acne mochi、We will finish soybean flour sprinkled with plenty of。
For Acne click here、Do not use additives such as preservatives and thickening agents、
Moisture and temperature susceptible to influence。
As a result、Neglected for a long time in the car away from direct sunlight, to avoid、Shelf life is 3 days。
When you are looking、Breakfast at your earliest convenience.

Atami sweets Atami Honke Tokiwagi
Address:Shizuoka Atami city, Ginza town 14 No. 1
Hours of operation:AM9:30~PM5:30
Closed on Mondays:Water tree day (open on public holidays).

Shizuoka Atami city, Ginza town 14 No. 1

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