"Flamenco Soul Tomomi Otsuka Theatre Flamenco in portetheater ' is was a great success!


























Flamenco soul
Tomomi Otsuka Theatre flamenco

Blooming in Andalucia、Mystery and let abundance sensitivity、Joy of living、Transience、Sadness...
And dream。To glorify the life of arabesques

And the flamenco dancers dancing and joyful Tomomi Otsuka、Suzuki francoguita list full of vitality, in the Center、
From Trinity for dancing and guitar and singing until each part solo、Provide an exhaustive compendium of flamenco。

-Tomomi Otsuka ( dancing )-yamamuro Hiromi ( dancing )-DOI raiment (dance)-Takahashi love night (song)-Suzuki Takashi (guitar)


Recruit member of theatre at portetheater。Current、In the opening campaign first year membership fee can register free of charge。

Benefits 1. Special membership pricing available!
Live concerts of various genres to jazz than general price discount。You will have benefits, such as coupons also are available at portebonur in the facility。

Awards (2) Priority booking seats S stage hand!
Front of stage within a reasonable distance.、Loud dynamic and acoustic quality taste.、Seats can be seen without leaving the full picture of the stage where if I special S seating area will be。S-seats and good seat reservations will be。

3. Regular delivery schedule and deals!
Live scheduled will be held on a regular basis will be delivered on a regular basis by email or DM。Do not miss your favorite artist information and membership benefits available。

About portetheater

430-0944, Japan, Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 223 -21 Viola, 1F
TEL:053-413-3908Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday us time.:9:00-17:00

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