Scenic location prominence as "Miho-no-Matsubara" Japan new Miyajima, Japan three major Matsubara

Symbol of Japan, was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage siteMt. Fuji (Mount Fuji)The scenic spots located in the neighbourhood and Shizuoka Prefecture Shizuoka Shimizu of the Miho peninsula "Amagi-San zuido"To!

The Amagi-San zuido、Famous as the new Japan Sankei, Japan three major Matsubara、2013In June, Fuji world heritage "Mt. Fuji-wellspring of faith and art" of has been registered as one of the assets of!

The next day spent new year's fun at okitsu、Hotel later and trying to make the most of spring.、Explore the scenic "Miho-no-Matsubara"!

"Your ear shrine"From the wooden boardwalk surrounded by pines leads to the Miho-no-Matsubara, and named"God's way"、Old 200-restless heart walk a solemn rows of pine trees surrounded by old pine tree called 400 years、You can have a quiet moment.

Over the approximately 7 km along the coast、About 30000 pine trees、As a Windbreak outperforms thanks sea breeze。Known in the celestial maiden "Pine robe"Well protected and、Old 650 years it stretch it splendid pine branches in all directions、The atmosphere was excellent!

In the unobstructed wind shore、A blustery winter storm was waiting for、To its destination、True glitter and sparkling than clear water, sandy、And green pine forest cover to the、We jumped into eyes towering Mt. Fuji was wearing a snow scraper

This also offers free parking and drop easier、In addition、In the souvenir shop with its、For hot green tea and enjoy free samples, including "bracken"、Body cold cheek was stiff and healing me!

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