Gastronomic French rejoice in peaceful countryside at the foot of Mt. Fuji "restaurant BIOS' of freshly picked vegetables body

In the peaceful countryside at the foot of Mt. Fuji、Plantations seeBiopharm Eyelash when"The body using fresh vegetable-friendly French restaurant" restaurant BIOS (Restaurant bio-s) ' To!

At the foot of Mt. Fuji thaw water flows abundantly,、And rich natural environment suitable for agriculture、1.8with HA (5400 square meters) farm plantations "Matsu biofilm when" now、Is aimed at farming without pesticides and chemical fertilizers、Mainly including herbs grown vegetables、The production of crops for more than 50 years!

See restaurant BIOS (Restaurant bio-s) ',、Plantations seeBiopharm Eyelash when"Engaged inKazuhiro matsuki (Kazuhiro Matsuki)Mr. 12/8/2009 opened farm restaurant!

When originally opened in Japan Taillevent Robuchon (Joel Robuchon's current) meter dotel's Mr. matsuki (maître d & # 8217s; hôtel) was the first serving President omnipotent,、Kamakura recently visited old House Hotel "Kamakura Kokin"The ManagerMATSUMIYA, Daisuke (Daisuke Matsumiya)Mr. also、That had been a waiter at hamburger with matsuki、Now that relationship continued as a supporter of each other!

I arrived at the parking lot and、We waiting for pick-up goat cry be healed!
Kid's in friendly manner、Shake hands and came up very near、Charm greets me, and found on the fence Cup appearance melts!

The natural wood grain with plenty、Cozy bathed with natural light from the large Windows spread out on a full wall space!
Living room architects called the magician of light and Mexico's Luis Barragan's House, reminiscent of the cross to what design is impressive!
Pieris rapae crucivora boisduval full dance、Green was prepared 拝meru the magnificent Mt. Fuji over the farm filled with seats!

This day lunch menu "seasonal tasting course 12 plates-" 9500 yen provided according to the course "nonalcoholpair ring (Omakase 4 glass)" order, and added the 2800!

On the white tablecloth、In the festive, decorate the table dainty with the image of flowers blooming in Germany tableware "Rosenthal" summer meadow "Fleurs Sauvages (wild flower)"、Excited about lunch time start!

[Seasonal tasting course 12 plates + Nonalcoholpair ring]

(1) mushroom Mr. Hasegawa

Fuji city "Hasegawa agricultural"Hasegawa mitsunobu's representative、In the finger food using organic mushrooms have made painstakingly in fungus was imported from the Netherlands、Used on occasions sliced mushrooms are so fresh,、A gavotte France candy in the bottom-took the crispy dough in finely chopped mushrooms and slipped into the screen is and、In one mouthful of fish and、Mushroom flavor and sweetness spread mouth full!

♦ served non-alcoholic sparkling Mint

In pairing、Sommelier and enjoy performance matsuki's Owner who serves freshly prepared drinks on the desktop、Instead of wine or non-alcoholic、Mood toast with Champagne-like atmosphere!
Drytayst non-alcoholic sparkling homemade Mint syrup drip、Pick fresh mint with refreshing cup!

(2) tart with Parmigiano cheese

And also tart made wishes the goat cheese with onion until caramelized sauteed and in bite-size pieces、The harmony of the salty cheese and Sweet Onion is exquisite!

Snap peas (3)".

Fresh snap peas and Fava Beans、The colored buds of Chrysanthemum stone、Snap peas boiled lightly onto the boat-shaped thin tart with white bean puree、Comes with white flowers snap peas!
Sweetness and freshness fun in raw state、Are boiled, the more colorful leave snap peas add texture with shakishaki juicier and enjoy! Because salt is gentle、To feel the genuine flavor of freshly picked vegetables dish!

(4) "homemade ricotta.

Offers to clothe [appeared homemade ricotta cheese, smoked glass Cloche from! Together with the light meringue、And served with smoked oil during the、Enjoy a smoky aroma and a milky flavor!

♦ "Chardonnay (non-alcoholic).

The juice of the herb with alcohol Chardonnay、Mint and lemon grass、Elle fragrance is full!

(5) "homemade bread.

Homemade natural yeast, rye and whole wheat flours、Golden ratio derived in flour in bread、Outside is crisp and white sesame seeds roasted、Are soft and have、Such as bread too heavily and balanced finish、This is a delicious bread as you go!
Boil unpasteurized milk、Milky butter whipped with butter、Served with a light touch with the salt!
Focaccia start burning at the time faced in opening visitor always seems so、Focaccia is rumored next time 'round the world "and also look forward to!


(6) "onion"

Flit was wrapping cloth in the onion、Sun-dried tomatoes and capers、Olive、Along with the pine nuts and sour condiment、Served with sliced marinated or dry onion、Coriander flower and herb accents!

Food between takes、Chef and sous chef alternately emerge from the kitchen and went to the farm、Only the use of herbs and flowers to harvest!
Restaurant and then not so ideal!

(7) beans rice

Able to provide only two weeks and、Exactly what time of the season but can't eat beans rice!
Jasmine aroma, gently cooked beans rice、Accompanied by a milky froth and chrysanthemum flowers! Fresh in there are differences in the texture of the beans and cooked、To feel the flavor and sweetness to "beans" and "rice" is furnished in the source image、It is a pleasing body 1 dish!

(8) "from the port of Numazu snapper.

The skin surface is crisp on the finish、According to texture the micuit with and burdock root puree and reduced balsamic vinegar sauce!
Only the thin little morning picked burdock root was to、Guests can enjoy the intensity of aroma and taste!

(9) from Asagiri Kogen LYB pig

Landrace、Yorkshire、And for whom pork、3LYB pig named from the initials of the species、Its name is Louis Vuitton!
In Fuji Asagiri-Kogen nature a vast distraction、The taste of the pork and enhanced by growing close to the wild、Whereas ordinary pork fat melting point is 38 ° c.、Rugby pig is 32 ° C and is a healthy fat!

Durable fluffy texture and sweetness is、Like the juice and fat too!
Crunch texture wrapping made gingerbread accented with scent of crumble with mixing mustard be preeminent、We served with mustard and also interesting to taste! With small carrots、Guests can enjoy presence second to none brand pork for the main ingredients and taste!

♦ "Merlot (non-alcoholic).

And mix with food Merlot in the non-alcoholic spiced、And matching the fine、Forget the sense of grape juice, will enjoy!

(10) "peach"

A little bit as the season ahead is、Wake of peach in the stock、1 plate brought dessert!
According to the fresh white peach peach soup, and mulberries dill and cream cheese flavor and Chamomile Granita、1 dish perfect for the summer!

♦ "whey"

Whisk the whey from the ranch last pair、Fresh whey (whey) salt with caramel taste!
Will be made in large quantities as a byproduct was isolated and solids to make cheese whey、A unique sour, but also fresh and delicious、As an energy source is rich in essential amino acids needed!

(1) (1) "cheese"

The scorched around the finished cheese、In shuwashuwa mouth to melt a smooth cheesecake!

(1) (2) "milk sorbet.

The rich milk sorbet、And with a below the vanilla and incense powder、Seem to have gotten a high-quality vanilla ice cream!

(1) (3) "petits fours"

In addition to the accents of exquisite chocolate sansho、Guests can enjoy a seasonal aroma and palate!

♦ "hand drip and specialty coffees.、"Herbal tea"

Drip coffee、Sagamino area "Red Poison Coffee Roasters(Red poison coffee roasters) "of murashi 'Ethiopia Kochere G3 Mountain Dry City Roast" at the "CLEVER (clever coffee Dripper)" while in I feel the aroma!
Which is roasted in a medium dark roast、A faint acid with less bitterness、This is where you can enjoy a light sweetness and lingering taste!

Herbal teas、Unique to season fresh Chamomile tea!
Picking pots with plenty of luxury up fresh Chamomile flowers、For a few minutes and、A bright yellow dye、And drying of different fresh minds of fresh herbs tea enjoy the soothing aroma and a subtle sweetness!
By SPAL Portugal brands (spur) botanical poem series of tea day. will be healed and stiff!

Here's the first chef serve as theYoshinori Kawasaki (Yoshinori Kawasaki)An independent Chef "KAWASAKI"Also is a favorite shop、The third chef currently carrying the restaurant and stand、Japan's largest aimed at young chefs competition "RED U-35 2018"In the、Fine won the Grand Prix and the youngest in theMotooka generals (Motooka generals)(Masashi Motooka) chef!

After finishing the meal、Motooka chefs who go to greet a seat at the table、It is a very refreshing youth!
He born in Hyogo Prefecture、From that experience had helped influence my grandmother had been a dietitian and uncle ran stumbled、Aiming at the food was familiar to the world、19At the young age of overseas to look for、One of the South of France Star "Restaurant Le Clos Saint-Pierre"And having trained in the gastronomic City San Sebastian、Paris one-star "Restaurant l & # 8217s; Agape" is no. 2 served as a hand、Stacked with world-wide experience in going around the world、Some 23-year-old, was promoted to the matsuki owner BIOS、2017In June became as the head chef!

Ready to feel to attract people, good-looking star of nature、Own making and cooking for not speak clearly and、Flexibility in enrich as a new chef in Japan、This restaurant should be known was giving off such presence makes me!

In the morning the chef motooka、Beginning to find food materials indigenous to the mountains surrounding the restaurant.、Their plantations in carried feet、From harvesting herbs and vegetables from the day has devised a menu of the day、The thing with the dishes change daily!

This time、After admiring the "satoyama gastronomy" created by the chef that motooka、The height of the free expression of his food and awareness、Face food and natural body posture when I、As the chefs ' passion、Thoughts?、Dream.、Technical capabilities、"The power of design"、"Expressive"、"Sense"、"Future-proof"、And examine the possibilities、In"food" and "RED U-35 2018" that evaluates to a comprehensive final examination issues、Also acclaimed his presentation skills will be nodding deeply!

"This natural environment is in no way because of the、And very grateful to the matsuki owner、1Good luck with the intention of giving back one day! "And asserted motooka chefs face full of crystal clear feel confident smiles!
In the new light of the cooking world to feel、He is different from decades ago who should be、Many fans frequently commute long distances to convince strange!

I I was happy that young people like、From beginning to end is home to Hamamatsu、On the topic of him and resign now!
In the restaurant had missed the chance to hear several times、This became the long-awaited first visit、Will be for restaurants that still means you want!

BIOS restaurant (Restaurant bio-s)
Address:Shizuoka Ken, Fujinomiya city oshika Kubota 939-1
TEL:050-5571-4963(Appointment only)
Hours of operation:11:30-13:30( L.O )、17:30-19:30( L.O )
Closed on Mondays:Tuesdays、Wednesday
Parking lot:Aerobic

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