"Humble House Taipei" Facility introduction of elegant hotel is surrounded by art nestled in the big city


Taipei's major tourist attractions as a tourist office I shall be "Taipei 101"And、
And packed the popular spots of gourmet and large shoppingXinyi districtTo
2013/11To open since about five star "Humble House Taipei"。
Hotel、Contemporary art in the work spindleExhibit nearly 600 works of art from around the worldHas been、
New style blend of art, culture and composed its theme。
In the urban jungle、Stepping on to the step hotel、Loose as art and mind provides a peaceful time!


"Big-eye on oz、Wizard of Oz barrel is (The OZ Big Eye, The OZ Barrel Eye" / Yang Mao-Lin

Taiwan artistYang Mao-LinThe、
Plane painting and equipment、In approach across various sculptures、Also a very skilled in creative power and life artist。
Yang Mao-LinThe works using humour、
Memories of life in the heart of the deep and warm、Represents the portion of passion does not change over time, further。
Wizard of Oz barrel is "and the wizard of Oz the big eye、Wizard of Oz got inspiration from work?、
This familiar story "Journey"And the theme、Also in the hope of life for artists。
Two works Ichthus amber finish is shiny and dull copper sculpture combines LED lights、
Swing the doll glass eyes shimmer、Represents the feeling of well-being is protected, what。
As well as the adorable one piece、The floor in café & bar "THE TERRACE"At the entrance.。
* In the title of some art with QR codes、
There will see more work load the Smartphone in a nice service!


This time the、Humble House TaipeiThe hotel facilities
Marketing Communications ManagerSasha HsiehThe Guide while、
We will pay attention to art works! (Xie Xie! )

"Ah / Tsai, Char-Wei

Tsai, Char-WeiThe work represented an intense personal traits and、
Own position during work、Society、Heart is poured and drawn。
Normal、Is drawn regardless of the environment, life and go to work is completed、
"Ah" is depicted by exuding ink to express the word "Ah" sound during exposure and birth。
"Ah" are used in many religions as a sacred representation。
For example "Allah".、"Amen"、"Amitabha"、"Hallelujah", etc.。
It is expresses the spirit and all the human environment interaction is the "Ah" sound and Visual resonance.


One floor below the lobby5 floorThe、
Provides various types available in the large banquet hall and event many guests including dignitaries.


"A flower, a world within Taipei" / Yang, Yong-Lian

Yang, Yong-LiangThe feature is、
Create artistic effects created by fusing different material contrary to one piece。
Photos、Video、Objets d'art、This technique is used in painting, etc.。
To make bigger, more material、
Plays and cleverly placing the materials by skillful and perfect video finesse, harmonious one piece。
And a lot of great work is housed at the International Museum of art。
Taipei series "Flower world"TheYang, Yong-LiangOriginal video creations for olives。
Visit the Taipei times, from actions taken、
In the Buddhist scriptures "1 AISA world,Flower 1 Nintendo,One Issei floating life,On the other hand one burning"Creative philosophy、
Represents the district live in the center of the flower surrounded by flowery streets of Taipei below 花蕊 to the beautiful petals。
The beauty of Taipei expressed in elegant and humorous approach、
Is able to feel the love of Taipei artists work!


In an elegant flowers with far away eyes, looks at watch eh、-Mongers、Its beautiful in the center of the flower、
Taiwan city will reflect the、It is undergoing a strange fusion!
Thinking、While he stood and will continue views、Mind is deprived of modern art.



A world-famous Hotel design company
"Hirsch Bedner Associates Pte. Ltd. Design Consultants"To entrust the design、
Traditional pendant lights, lost comb was banquet、
Utilizing simple lines、In the design a clear segmentation、Brand new banquet hall atmosphere。
The total area of the Banquet Hall702㎡Also and、Max is available for approximately 1,000 guests!
Large banquet room (4 rooms) and function rooms (two rooms)、Has a VIP room (1 room)、
By combining the namespace, such as large events could be held。
Of-the-art audio-visual、Lighting system and control system is equipped with、
Wired or wireless Internet connection、According to the professional banquet team comfortably various gourmet menu
Meetings with food and beverage service、Responds to all requests, including events held during a flexible!


"THE HOLE" / Piotr Uklanski.

Piotr UklanskiWas born in Poland。
While traditional art、Working to integrate the different elements and materials used in。
With its innovative ideas and techniques giving is impressed by a new vision。
Power is reflected in the complexity、Tension of infinite is expressed in the simple lines、
Work makes you feel an intense impact people rising up like。
"Dong" utilizes the characteristics of stainless steel with a point of light reflection。
Look from the top piece from the eye leads to information transmitted momentary dizziness, such as hallucinations to cerebral、
Points of light reflection effect to infinity in space、Invites the beholder in a real sense。
Look、Remember the illusion of the bottomless pit、
It really is only about 10 cm height from surprise!


Italian restaurant "LA FARFALLA"And café & bar"THE TERRACE"The sixth floor。


"The Moonlight" / Yang Yongliang

Chinese graphic artistsYang YongliangThe、
Works using LED once again unveiled is.。
The work inside and outside of work are against each other、
Are exactly in the Moonlight series most overflowing humor break.。
Luminescence of nature is。
Shows the uncertainty of nature and、Has the discipline to continue all the way around。
This what BN has been born years ago natural light landscape was created by human beings and it is not comparable to。
Light-emitting body is being lit by one light between Bill and the road book、
Mobile vehicle and light、Traffic signals、A giant light box、Large-format monitor、Neon、Also light mist in the distance fog、
These were created by human beings of light、And dark and light,、No animated stuff。
Is seemingly hidden crisis on the back of a spectacular landscape created by human beings。
Yang YongliangOf the works、Even ago the sixth floor elevator located other than this!


Italian restaurant "LA FARFALLA"

In the light from the glass window、All wrapped up in the light、
Spread out the window to the garden landscape、Attention to detail、The works of art、
Create atmosphere surrounded by nature in silence。
Provides 165 seats seats、With high-quality ingredients in season were selected from the chef、
Italian restaurant offering dishes made from completely new aesthetics and concepts throughout the day all dining。
This is also room for、We later learn the pattern of buffet-style breakfast and lunch.

Hours of operation:Breakfast 6:30-10:00、Lunch 11:30-14:30、
Afternoon tea 15:00-17:00、Dinner 18:00-22:00
TEL:+886 2 6631 8060


Café & bar "THE TERRACE"

Spacing in simple and elegant open space located in the relaxed on sofas and、
Hood、China、The western dishes à la carte、
Coffee and juice、It is possible to use as a cafe & bar, cocktails and alcoholic drinks。
On the outside of a glass window green connected to an outdoor garden filled with、The natural light that poured in fresh during the day and、
Panoramic beautiful starry sky painted the "Taipei 101"、
And the breakage faces two nights can revel in the elegance of、
In the hustle and bustle of the city、Relax relax relax!

Hours of operation:10:00-25:00
TEL:+886 2 6631 8066


Business Center

The business centre、2Personal computers have.、Hotel guests can use free of charge for 30 minutes every day。
To ask the staff to print or FAX、You can use services such as copy。
Able to connect to the hotel's cloud storage rooms、
It is possible to print the data in their computers forward to business center。
Small meeting rooms pay、Also useful for short business meetings, meetings!


The Day Of Perpetual Night / Yang Yongliang

Chinese graphic artistsYang YongliangThe、
Bring effect combining elements to fit and conflict with each other, to harmonize the methods and、
Shooting、Video、Equipment、Using methods such as paintings offer diverse and all-dimensional creations。
Video technology expert also control and each element in the balance of good rhythm、
Legend in novel technique for a traditional artistic representation in other areas。
Works many are housed in the Museum's international reputation。
"The Day Of Perpetual Night"The、
In the Moonlight series by artist Mathias、
Showcases the latest creative concept artists to four monitors。
Strengthen the depths of space and time by bringing in the axis of time due to movement、Apart from still images and。
Enjoy urban spaces develop continues to shine in the dark、
You can feel the scene without stopping expansion and continued that.


Espace Beauté SPA

7On the floor、Kanebo group of Taiwan
"Karei treasure cosmetics collection Dan Oriental beauty ENTERPRISE CO., LTD"Experience accumulated so far、
Developed based on a new concept
Integrated brands 'Espace Beauté SPA"We offer!


"Espace Beauté SPA"The、With the spirit of hospitality and fine in Japan、
Orthodox brand of aroma being patronized by the British Royal family and celebrities
AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATESThe treatment with massage products and multiplied by the、
Excellent relaxing effect、For peace of mind and body is the best space to experience at the same time.

Espace Beauté SPA
Hours of operation:March-Saturday 10:00To 22:00、Sunday 10 am:00-19:00
TEL:+886 2 6631 8099


Design Hotels XXL Book

Current、Over 50 countries of the world、300To expand the hotelsDesign Hotels ™
This is the book to introduce the international hotel。
6Around Atrium above the seventh floor overlooking the reception floor that can be exhibited。
Unfortunately "Humble House Taipei"The、Is not provided for editing the book missing、
Watching the many nice hotels、Please go to the fantasy trip.


Fitness Center (gym)

Fitness Center (gym)Now、Provides a State-of-the-art exercise equipment、
Facilities available by various guests healthy and effective training。
Professional trainer and is inviting、With a hit on the guests teaching、
Create a training plan for questions about the body and bodily functions are also available。
Bring your sweaters、Would be refreshing hotel stay and while you exercise!


On the seventh floor and roof deck and there are gardens、There were spectacular views to represent Taipei City、
To the front "Taipei 101"Can catch the best views!
Here in summer and indoor pool、And will be available for hotel residents only。
Rooftop swimming pool
6-September:7:00-21:00、4~ 5、10-11 months:7:00-20:00
12January-March:Not available (due to climate changes: Yes)

The other day、Happy New Year Countdown Party held here、
Views from many of you "Taipei 101"The Fireworks view、That was very awesome views!
2017The countdown of the year book early!
Now、Next in line、In this room!

Humble House Taipei
Location:Taipei Xinyi, pine channel 18 No.
TEL:+886 2 6631 8000

Taipei Xinyi, pine channel 18 No.

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