'Pandnoel' bread ' natural yeast snacks become a habit


Green and quiet residential streets lined with dyed ground units、Using cultured from green raisins in homemade natural yeast bread is hard from the Danish、Staple system with well balanced "Pando Noel Pain de Noel"Mr.。From the exterior, and exciting in a stylish atmosphere、Enjoy a happy time, enveloped in the smell of bread just to disturb you a fragrant、That bakery I。2008On October 6, has been moved from tomizuka-Cho.


Pan who go into a store and immediately arranged to L-shaped counter Board。Regular customers will be Madam seeking their favorite bread from next shop will be。In the shop、6So the seat is there is Cafe and coffee 250 Yen、I enjoy the freshly baked bread with tea 250 yen.


Pick up freshly baked breads and chewy soft, comes the moment in the dough just smile that seems to spill。For the toast、Because it is displayed in the State have not been cut on the shelves behind the cash register、1It will cut on the fly should I order a loaf or half a loaf, if!


Croissant 140 yen of fermented butter flavor and crunchy texture in shop most popular。


Dainagon bled 1 / 2 250 Yen

Rich bread butter arranges plenty of deficits on her。


Resembled 1 / 2 200 yen

Rich bread butter arranges plenty of raisins are rolled。


"Basil Chicken" 140 Yen

Basil Chicken & Cheese & olive。


Tomizuka bread 1 250 Yen

Soft, moist and。Delicious in a modestly sweetened toasted as well。


Minivan spanned 100 yen

Eat only bread size.。


' Camembert with cheese & green olives with Focaccia "180 Yen

Also I dust enters size and if the Camembert with olive Focaccia。

The fabric is additive-free safety、To provide a tasty bread、Serving and assured that careful use of materials。SIP and、Soft also. I lather removes, with dust and the texture can become a habit without is a mistake!

Pan de Noel Pain de Noel
1-43-39-somechi hamakita-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, TEL:053-585-1397
Hours of operation:9:00To 18:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday、Monday

1-43-39 units somechi, hamakita-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi

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