The pleasant melancholy by the rainy season Dimed me aromatherapy


The rainy birthday、Starts in higher humidity, inside feel refreshed daily。In the rainy season、Many moisture problems、Haven't felt、Not melancholy, impatient to somewhere? This time was so damp and smelling and have a good time、Let's take the lifestyle to aromatherapy。



lavender oil




With Aromatherapy、Natural flowers and leaves、Natural remedies using the scent of essential oils extracted from nuts, etc (natural essential oils), balance of mind and body that。In the essential oils、Sterilization、Many also having the effect of disinfection effect and give you clean air must。This time the、Let me introduce the fungicide can be used especially during the rainy season and antiseptic effects of essential oils。Sterilization、The essential oil is antiseptic effects of、Is grapefruit, tea tree oil。The scent of citrus、Essential oils can also be used when you want to。These essential oils to make a room spray、Refreshing and mood in your room to spray、If you over the bathroom after a shower in the mold prevention links。And Dimed me when washing the nasty smells too、Is the cause of a single offensive。At such time、The antibacterial properties of lavender oil flexible agent instead.。Wash rinse swag, few drops of essential oil into the water just fine。Refreshing aroma fills the air when you open the washing machine。During the rainy season,、Laundry is out of 干semasenn。Drying room and becomes therefore reluctantly。In the recent、Room-only dried detergent and fabric softener developed and has been improved a lot room smell dried I'd、To the people who still care、Cedarwood antifungal effects of essential oils and room sprays、Please use。Cedarwood insect repellent is highly valued and、It is traditionally used as house or chest of drawers。In addition to、With a soft feeling of peppermint or eucalyptus、Scents such as lemon is recommended。So have a bactericidal effect、I'm sure your room's Dimed me and freshening the air will clear the air.。Will find your favorite scent on your own、Make a room spray, try to take advantage of、In these scents aromatherapy set、Automatically if spread in the air、It is more convenient。Learn aromatherapy、By proper use of、And Dimed me melancholy during the rainy season of "Goodbye"。

Recipe for room sprays
[type = pix_button”simple_button” size =””]Materials[/pix_button]
-Your favorite essential oils 6-10 drops and anhydrous ethanol 10 ml and 90 ml of purified water
[type = pix_button”simple_button” size =””]How to make a[/pix_button]
1.Anhydrous ethanol to oil 6-mix 10 drops of
2.It add 90 ml of purified water、Mix well, put it in spray bottles

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