Enjoy stunning views of Mt. Fuji Japan spur Hotel landscape Museum hotel

UNESCO World Heritage "Mt. Fuji (Mount Fuji)"And hope the Miho peninsula、National treasure "Kunouzan Toshogu Shrine"To you can visit the ropewayKohei Japan – NihondairaOf urban resort hotel located on the mountain "Japan spur hotel (Nippondaira Hotel)-landscape art gallery ~"To!

Japan spur tourist hotels as a scenic tourist destination of Japan as no. 1 in famous Japan fair in 1964, was born in 1979, "Hotel, Japan"As a name to change、2012A year and a half came come across history in century hotel fully renewed、Aim international-standard facilities、We are into a new!

From Shizuoka city by car and 30 minutes near the Summit of Japan、Impressed with floating sky high winter sky and sharp design、Jumping through hoops. entrance、Single cut in the whole picture of stunning scenic beauty with spectacular views across the lobby is breathtaking views!

In the lobby wearing flowers、"MOSS misono (Taishoen)" of the bonsai is placed、Will feel the coming of spring.

In the courtyard、After a photograph taken with a sculpture garden、In the "upper lounge (Upper lounge)" is on the top floor sixth floor and enjoy the views and spend lunch time!

I ordered the coffee "cake" can choose from a menu of the popularity of the hotels original "Japan spur Hotel Curry-" 1900 yen and four cakes 1250 Yen!
The European-style half-cooked, firm cultivates vegetables Curry、Beef cheeks braised in the softness of the pulled meat melt、Enjoy feels like spicy spices、Also comes with a small fresh salad crunchy texture! Cake、And choose a favorite-Mont-Blanc、Marrons glacés from chestnut cream infused with rich chestnut finish too sweet! Good texture and crisp tart、Coffee and your helpful!

While healed in the views from the top-floor lounge、Enjoy enjoy unforgettable time!

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