Save the "Angel Sound Muskmelon" farmer from the corona! A gem of the supreme fragrance and mellowness!

“AMANE melon” is characterized by “mellow taste,” “wonderful aroma,” and “melting and delicate texture.” It’s a touching taste that probably no one has ever experienced!
Due to the influence of COVID-19, this producer may not be able to ship many melons and may end up discarding them. That’s why producers started crowdfunding! We want to make a unique cake with “AMANE melon” and get attention to let you know this!
This time, My wife made a “whole melon cake” using this “AMANE melon”! As the name suggests, a whole melon cake is a surprise cake that uses a whole melon and cuts it to make a cake. Carefully layer it in a mille-feuille shape with strawberries that go well with melon. It was devised from the desire to create valuable sweets as an “experience” in this era full of delicious sweets. Cut it, listen to it, look at it, smell it, eat it, and it’s a sweet that resonates with all five senses!

Kyoto's central market handles high-end vegetables and top fruits、Takahide Akashi of Akashi Shoten, which is wholesaled in restaurants with first-class stars (Takahide Akashi)Mr. more、A combination of wonderful high-quality vegetables and superb fruits has been given again this year!

Akashi Shoten

I hope you can cooperate with the project to support the producers this time using "Angel sound muskmelon" that was also in the filling last time、Spreading a lot of information in the plan to make a unique dessert "Marugoto Melon Cake" using melon、Get to know the current situation of producers even a little、We hope everyone will support us!

"Angel Sound Muskmelon" is an original melon created by Masaya Kageyama of Hinon Agricultural Co., Ltd., who has been active as a melon farmer for many years in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture where we live!

Angel Sound Muskmelon

Currently, in Corona, restaurants continue to be open for short periods of time and self-restraint nationwide、Not only restaurants but also producers who deliver are greatly affected by this.。Because agriculture has a decided timing of harvest、Vegetables and fruits that have lost their place are often discarded.。

Kageyama's farm, which produces "Angel Sound Muskmelon", is the same.、1It is said that 1,000 balls per month had to be discarded.。

So Kageyama started developing new processed products so that the harvested melons would not be lossed.、Melon jelly to drink using melon juice is devised、In addition, we launched crowdfunding to directly sell melons and processed products.、Current、We are recruiting supporters all over the country.。

In this crowdfunding, you can purchase high-quality melons that cost more than 10,000 yen per ball at department stores at a discount of [5,000 yen per ball]♪
The crowdfunding project is open until 11:00 a.m. on April 5, so please visit the following site for details!

Maintenance and regeneration of shizuoka greenhouse melon production area

Pursuing only the original "best taste" of muskmelon、Completed Ultimate Ripe Musk Melon、That is "Angel Sound Muskmelon"。Unlike other greenhouse melons, this melon is different from other greenhouse melons because it combines green meat aalsphebolit and white meat hero o'rockinge.。The biggest difference is the way it looks.、Small and not beautiful。That's the best part.。What's even different is that、Taste and aroma.。Originally published as Muskmelon、It is characterized by elegant sweetness and fragrance.、"Mellow taste", "splendor of fragrance", "melty texture" of this "angel sound muskmelon"、probably never experienced anyone、It is an impressive finish。

This time, using this "Angel sound muskmelon", we will make a dessert "Marugoto Melon Cake" that is sure to be photo blue that attracted attention in various media and SNS! This is a dessert devised by pastry chef Yuki Kato, "the world's first melon cake craftsman"!

What is Marugoto Melon Cake?、As the name says, I used a whole muskmelon.、It is a surprise cake that the cake appears when I cut it.。With a compatible strawberry、Carefully layered in millefille shape。In this age full of delicious sweets、It was conceived from the desire to make valuable sweets as one "experience"。Turn off the、To hear、Looking、Smell it.、Eat、It is a sweet that resonates with such five senses!

The control of "fruit juice and moisture" is important in making whole melon cake! If there is extra moisture left, it will be messed up、It will not be a clean cross-section。The important thing is to make sure that the melon pulp is cut through.、The point is to carefully suck out the juice after pulling it out with kitchen paper! And another important thing is、After laying out the contents、Cool in the refrigerator properly。1More than an hour is desirable。Then, the cross section when the fresh cream is stabilized becomes beautiful!

It was a fairly hearty dessert, but it was so light that the couple could eat it with perrot and it was very delicious♪

Recipes are also up on the net、Because you can easily make it at home、Please try to make "Marugoto Melon Cake" using "Angel Sound Musk melon"!
We are also waiting for inquiries from hotels, restaurants, patisserie shops that you would like to handle!

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