India restaurant "Tasneem's Kings Kitchen" at the dinner in pattern!

"Gautama Buddha Airport" aka Bhairahawa airport.From the Liceu、Approximately 40 minutesPatanOfLalitpurTo return、India restaurant "Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen"At dinner time!

The owner of this restaurantTasneem ShahaniMr. a、13The restaurant operated from two years ago、This is a stylish restaurant has just opened two and a half years ago! "Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen"Now、We offer traditional Traditional Bohra Muslim Bombay Cuisine!

1Terrace seating on the floor、Enjoy a meal while feeling the cool breeze、Happy hour drinks are so popular!

We are ushered to a dining area on the 3rd floor、As you will find on the table, around the dinner table at all!

I toasted with beer! From the sense of relief after a domestic flight、Seems that letting go of tension all the beer!

Here you will、Beer is different from the investment we ever seeSan Miguel"Enjoy! The San Miguel Corp.、As the beer in the Philippines known, occupies 90% market share! Among them are "Pale Pilsen"The、Enjoy a solid flavor and bitterness、Enjoy the delicious beer beer with a kick!

Butter Chicken/Boneless 550 rupees (Japan Yen about 590 yen)
"Naan"' 90 rupees (Japan Yen JPY 96)

The rich Indian curry is different from the Nepal Curry、Will intersect it with plenty of Nan was cut! Painful than Nepal Curry spicy and promotes sweating、After is a pull the taste!

"Aloo Mutter Palak" 400 rupees (Japan Yen JPY 430)

The spinach will be based、Butter Chicken Curry mild flavor is eating and ease out!

"Chicken Dum Biryani" 500 rupees (Japan Yen JPY 535)

India Pilaf called "biryani"。Here is、Spice paste thoroughly soaked with bonechickenAnd in hovers over basmati rice biryani、Chicken Rice under soft she was slipped into the screen that is! Relaxed and pulled chicken is spicy and has been condensed flavor!Mitch! (मिठो छ) delicious!

After a meal、1On the floor of the GuideNareshIs it the newspaper reporter on the 10-year-old friendRudra (Rudra Khadka)And I was here!RudraIs it from "when you next come to Nepal、Want to interview while staying long term ' and so I talk、I want to looking forward to seeing.

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