Reproduce the taste of Kyoto! Let's make exquisite homemade chirimen sansho to accompany the rice!

"Chirimen Sansho", a specialty of Kyoto and also known as a souvenir
"Chirimen Sansho" cooked with sansho fruit and chirime-mako、The peculiar and refreshing smell of real sansho and the bitterness to feel the paralysis become a habit.、The good compatibility of the chimi-me-so thing that the umami is condensed is added.、It is one of the best aunties to accompany rice!

The fruit of sansho which can be harvested with plenty in June before the rainy season start、This year, following last year, i gave you a lot of "real sansho", so I would like to make "homemade chirimen sansho".

Let's recreate the taste of kyoto's elegant "Chirimen Sansho"!

[Chirimen Sansho Material]
Real sansho (total weight 210g、170g after branching、Leaves 15g)
210g after boiling under real sansho
・Special top chirimen (raw food) or kamichirimen or top dry chirimen 800g
Junmai sake 400ml
Taste 120ml
Thin mouth soy sauce 90ml
Dark soy sauce 30ml
White broth 60ml
Thyme sugar 20g
Water 600ml
1 tsp salt for boiling under real sansho

[How to make chirimen sansho]
(1) Divide the leaves of sansho and the fruit of sansho as a treatment under real sansho.、The fruit of sansho is taken from the twig so as not to damage the fruit one by one.

※This time、When the real sansho of the total weight of 210g was taken up by two couples, the branch was taken off.、It took about two hours.。This is the most hanging task.

Put real sansansho in a monkey.、Wash carefully with running water.

Put a teaspoon of salt in a pot with water and bring to a boil.、Pour in real sansho and boil it for about 10 minutes.

Pour into a colander and pour it in cold water.

Put water in a bowl、Leave for about an hour while exposing real sansho to water (meanwhile、2~Change water 3 times)


Wash the chireme-jaco with a monkey and lightly remove the salt.、they cut the water on the monkey


Put sake and flavor in a pot and bring to a boil and blow the alcohol.

Put the water in the pot.

(9) Carefully remove the ash juice when it boils.

(10) White broth、Sugar、Light mouth soy sauce、Add ed concentrated soy sauce、Simmer over medium heat for about 30 minutes until the broth is low.

※At this time、Don't touch the chirimen as much as possible by preventing them from collapsing.

(11) When the broth is low, add the lowered real sansho and simmer over low heat for about 15 minutes.


※You can adjust the hotness of real sansho by changing the time to boil.

(12) When the broth is lost in the bottom of the pot、kitchen paper on the monkey and spread it out.、Remove the remaining broth.

(13) Spread kitchen paper in a basket with a net、Drying in the sun on a sunny day、Occasionally、Will return gently up and down with rubber bella

(14) It is the completion of "Chirimen Sansho" by packing it in a glass jar which was disinfected with boiling.
*The shelf life is about one month by the refrigerator storage.

Because the real sansho with a different production area was obtained this year.、「ちりめん山椒」を数回に分けて作っておりますその時のちりめんじゃこの入荷状況によりカリカリ食感の「上乾ちりめん」にしたり



上乾ちりめんほど固くないセミドライで特上ちりめんよりやや大粒となる 「上ちりめんのちりめん山椒」は程好い辛さと程好い柔らかさがあり一般的に販売されている「ちりめん山椒」に近い仕上がりとなっています!





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