"Homemade plum wine and homemade plum pickles" Ume work with ome and ripe plum of Nanko plum

This year, the artistShintaro ajiokaI would like to work on plum work such as homemade plum wine and umezuke using Nanko ume harvested by plum picking that I experienced for the first time at your house!

Homemade plum wine is made by trying various base alcohols.、You can find your favorite plum wine!

The base alcohol prepared this time is orthodox "White Ricker Gaudot"、"Brandy Dilbell Napoleon" that seems to be able to enjoy a rich taste、Sweet potato shochu "DAIYAME~Daiyame~" with a sweet smell like lychee、"Jifar Ginger of the Indes" of herbal ginger liqueur、Make spicy and adult "Dry Gin Masters London" with a total of 5 types of base alcohol!

If you try soaking the base of plum wine with high-quality sake、Why don't you taste it? While thinking、When I think about when I failed,、The current situation is that you run into a horrible and inexpensive sake (laughs)

Also、Be careful because the act of making plum wine using sake with an alcohol level of less than 20% is against the law (violation of the liquor tax law).。

Ome soaked in a storage bottle 4L bottle is weighed with 1Kg as a guide by selecting beautiful fruit without scratches。

Plenty of water in the barrel、Carefully wash Ome by hand while draining water.。
Plums are vulnerable, so handle them carefully!
Replace with clean water、1Leave in the barrel for about an hour to be without actuing.。

Azal Ade、Draining on kitchen paper、Using bamboo skewers, we carefully remove ome's heta one by one.。
Some of them can be taken beautifully with Pollo.、Some children are a little easy to remain.、Because it becomes plum wine of a refreshing taste without a taste that is enough to take it beautifully、Handle carefully so as not to damage!

Finally, check the water of each grain again and remove it.。

There are many one-to-one recipes for the ratio of Ome and ice sugar.、I don't like plum wine that is too sweet.、This time ice sugar is made at 600g for 1kg of Ome。

Because the preservation bottle of a large glass is difficult to boil and disinfect、After washing the detergent with hot water, dry it.、Cleanly disinfects edible alcohol with soaked kitchen paper。

Carefully spread Ome、Sprinkle ice sugar from above to fill the gap。

Ome → ice → Ome → ice sugar alternately。

If you are working carefully, your mind will calm down, and let's add the feeling of "it's delicious"!

Ice sugar enters the gap of Ome、I was able to do a beautiful gradation!

When you're done with all the amounts alternately、Gently pour alcohol from the top。

600g of ice sugar for 1kg of Ome、The base alcohol "White Ricar Godot" is poured in 1.8 ml and it is completed!

Plum wine is stored in a cool and dark place.。
About several times a week until the ice sugar dissolves、Turn and move the container to make the sugars inside uniform.。When the ice sugar melts away、Let's just wait for delicious plum wine.。

Repeat the same process、Potato Shochu "DAIYAME~Daiyame~"。

We're going to make Dry Gin Masters London, Brandy Dilbell Napoleon, and Jifar Ginger of the Indaz!

Because not all glass storage bottles of the same size are 200000000000000000000000000、The amount is adjusted according to the size of the storage bottle.。

【Homemade plum syrup】

Ome 600g. Ice Sugar 600g. Vinegar 70ml

I also make "plum syrup" for plum juice without alcohol.。

【Homemade pickles】

Ananya Soy Sauce Noguchi (Kombu)、Ananya Soy Sauce Light Mouth (Kombu)、400g each of each lyskyo vinegar (chili pepper)、1/4 cut 200g white kimchi (chili pepper) scratched seeds

I like the crunchy texture of Ome、Soy sauce pickled and 700 vinegar、I will try to add various homemade plum pickles marinated in white kimchi。

Ome 1.4kg min is removed with baking soda and pickled with ziplock after taking。
Because you can start eating this in about 2-3 weeks of soaking、I would like to enjoy it with meals and alcohol!

The other is to flatten Ome in cardboard for a few days and put it to bed.、Using ripe plum ripened, we prepared our favorite "y1/2" "y1/2" umeboshi。
6 days of ripening from the harvested day、Ome, which was green, has a sweet aroma and has been transformed into a pale and gentle yellow、Because the flesh is also soft and delicate、Care must be taken further than Ome。

【Homemade Yingying Umeboshi】

Ripe plum (ripened from Ome 22 to 28 days) 900g. White ricker appropriate amount. Salt 90g. Honey 220ml

Ying-ming umeboshi、a bowl of white ricker、Sprinkle with salt when you wear alcohol.。
Put it in a ziplock disinfected with edible alcohol and let it sleep until after the rainy season.、7It is completed if you let it dry for two days during the fine weather after the rainy season after May 20 and do "dried for the soil of the plum"!

【Homemade plum wine】

(1) 1L bottle = Ome 250g. Ice sugar 150g. Dry gin Masters London 450ml
(2) 1L bottle = Ome 250g. Ice sugar 100g. Liqueur Jifar Ginger of the Indies 450ml
(3) 1.8L bottle = Ome 400g. ice sugar 250g. brandy dill bell Napoleon 700ml
(4) 2L bottle = Ome 500g. Ice sugar 300g. Potato shochu DAIYAME900ml
(5) 4L bottle = Ome 1kg. Ice sugar 600g +100g. White Cargodot 1800ml

Plum work carefully prepared using fresh and youthful ome and ripe plums with a mellow aroma。
You can start drinking plum wine around 3 months.、The taste becomes plumper if you sleep for about six months to a year.、The longer you wait, the more depth you will gain.、I want to taste it while enjoying the change little by little!

At this time of year, Ome and ripe plums are sold in various places.、Umeshu and umezuke that can be made at any home、While enjoying fine adjustments of taste that can be done only because it is homemade、Come try!

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