Treat yourself! Brand chicken Hoshino black eggs make homemade Crema Catalana style flan


The other day、From Mr. Yasuhisa Ashikura, a friend of his husband who runs a vinyl factory "(Yes) Ashikura Vinyl" in Shibata、It is bred in the parents' house.Brand Chicken Hoshino BlackI got a raw egg.、"Because the egg yolk ratio is higher than a normal egg, it is exquisite when it is made into pudding!" I asked you to teach me.、I decided to make a Cremaca Tarana-style pudding cake at my house.。We prepare four ♪




First of all, I paint butter thinly in a round shape of 18cm.。And from making caramel, the real thrill of pudding。Dissolve and heat 60g of sugar against 60ml of water in a small pot.。Let's not burn it without keeping an eye from it because it changes to a yellowish color that is made to gurgle and the melt comes out.。When it becomes caramel color, remove it from the fire source.、Flow into the mold before it hardens.。(Note:I'll use the small pot later, so let's leave it without washing it.) Next, I'll make the egg solution, so I put 1 whole egg and 2 egg yolks in a separate bowl.、Add 50g of sugar and mix in a lather。




Mix eggs and sugar.、100ml milk in a small pot made of caramel、Add 200ml of fresh cream、I loosened a bottle of vanilla beans there.、The skin is put as it is and it is crowded.、Warm it so that it doesn't boil.。Why heat it in a pot made of caramel?、The aroma of caramel is transferred to milk and the flavor improves.、It is the way of two birds with one stone to get the stickiness of caramel.。




Cover the warm milk and fresh cream and steam it for about 5-10 minutes.、I put it in the egg solution little by little and mix it.。Let's filter it and let it flow into the mold.。Heat the oven at 170 degrees around here and heat it.。




We will make sponge dough as a foundation.。I put one egg in another bowl.、Add 25g of sugar and whisk in hot water.。When the dough warms up to the skin of the person、Mix the electric hand mixer from the hot water bath until it becomes the fastest and white cloudy.、Let's slow down gradually and blend in with the dough.。Then sift 25g of flour and mix.。(Note:Please do not throw away the hot water used for hot water because it will be used in the oven at a time.)




Mix with rubber bed、Pour in a tablespoon of olive oil before mixing.。If you gently put it into the mold, the fabric will float, so don't worry.。Place the mold on the top plate.、The hot water used in the hot water bath was poured into about one-third of the top plate a little while ago.、170Bake for 30 minutes at a time.。(Note:Because the baking is slightly different depending on the oven、Please adjust the time while checking.)


I put a bamboo skewer on a baked cake.、It's OK if you don't stick around.。However, since it is still half-boiled, let's cool the remaining heat by wrapping it as a mold.。If you get the extra heat,、The freezer remains of its mold (Note:It's not a refrigerator.)。Because it takes time to harden、In the meantime, let's make another baked snack with egg whites left for two eggs.。




Because two eggs of egg white are left in the pudding cake making、Mix 100g of sugar in about 3 times.、High-speed rotation with an electric hand mixer、Whisk until you can't even turn the bowl upside down with a feeling of cornering.。Put it in the aperture bag.、I spread the kitchen paper on the top plate and squeeze it out in the size of about 10 yen coin on it.。100After baking in the oven at 60 minutes, the meringue is finished♪


The outside is crispy.、When chewed, the mouth-sized meringue cake with a caramel-like texture is delicious to accompany the coffee♪


By the time the meringue candy is ready、Cremaca Tarana-style pudding cake is also completed.。Take it out of the freezer、Cut around the mold with a kitchen knife.。Put on a bowl larger than the mold.、Tip、If you warm the bottom with your hands a little, it will fall off with an interesting ston.。This moment is the most fun (laugh) The fragrant caramel is familiar with the thick and thick fabric.、The inside is thick and smooth pudding.、It is the completion of the exquisite pudding cake that I have never tasted.。After that, please cut it as you like and enjoy the decoration with fresh cream and fruit♪

Homemade Cremaca Tarana-style pudding cake
Cremaca Tarana-style pudding cake
Caramel (Wed. 60cc),60g sugar)
Pudding dough (1 whole egg),2 egg yolks,50g sugar,100 ml milk,200ml fresh cream,1/2 bottle of vanilla beans)
Sponge dough (1 egg),25g flour,25g sugar,1 tbsp olive oil or salad oil
An appropriate amount of butter to be applied to the mold

Meringue Confectionery Ingredients
Meringue (2 egg whites left over for pudding),100g sugar)

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