Strawberry is sold exclusively at "Hasutsu Fruit Park Tokinosu". Let's make plenty of homemade strawberry jam!

You can enjoy fruit picking and glamping at BBQ.Tokinosu, Fruit ParkI went to the event held in "One Coin Strawberry Pack Sale"

This event is、Strawberry is very popular in strawberry picking all year.、Due to the effects of emergency declarations issued in preventing the spread of new coronavirus、It has been closed for the time being.、Because many strawberries have lost their place to go、Only the winner can get the right to buy strawberries by doing a lottery!
I happened to see the event information on Twitter the day before.、I applied by the deadline slip、I received a notification of the election splendidly!

《 Wine Coin Strawberry Pack Sale 》
◆Limited number of people:150Per person、2Pack only)
(Per pack)、About one kilometer or more、Mixed varieties、Ragged、Overripe)
◆Delivery date:2020Sunday, May 17, 9 a.m.:00-12:00
◆Application date:2020May 14 (Thu) - 16 (Sat)

Because the morning of May 17 (Sun) of the day after receiving the election notice is the delivery date、Book the pick-up time at ten in the morning.、To the first parking lot of "Hasutsu Fruit Park Tokinosu" located in Toda-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City

In the tent installed in the first parking lot、A drive-through sales meeting has been held as a measure to prevent infection.、To be sold in limited receiving time and number of people、You can receive it smoothly without traffic jam!

In the tent、Mr. Ashizawa and the female staff who are in charge of the sales, sales, planning, and public relations of the fruit park greet you with a smile!

The strawberries are packed in a big pack!

"It's about time to eat!" The strawberry that was handed down、A sweet smell drifts and it is a state of ripening!

We receive two packs of reserved strawberries and store them in the cooler box.。It arrives at the house road, it takes out from the bag early, and a really good smell fills the whole room when i see it face-to-face!

My dog Chocolat doesn't stop with the sweet smell of my dog.

There are large, medium, small and various sizes of strawberries.、2The total weight of the pack is 2.3kg and feels the weight!

This time, there are a lot of strawberries that are overripe, so I'm going to make "homemade strawberry jam".

[Materials:Strawberry jam 2kg]
I use strawberry 2kg after taking it this time.
Strawberry 2kg
Granulated sugar 600g
White wine 100cc
Lemon juice、2 lemon seeds

[How to make homemade strawberry jam]
Wash gently with plenty of water
Gently wrap it with kitchen paper after draining the monkey and take the water on the surface.
Remove the strawberry and cut it to about 1cm square.

(4) Measure the total weight

(5) 600g meter to put 3 pieces of sugar in 2kg strawberries (this time using granulated sugar)

(6) Wrap the cut strawberries with granulated sugar and leave for half a day.

(7) Granulated sugar melted、When moisture comes out from strawberries due to osmotic pressure, the lower preparation is OK.

Squeeze the lemon

(9) Separate it into lemon juice and seeds

Transfer everything in a bowl into a pan and put on high heat

(11) When it boils, remove the ash juice in small pieces.

When the ash juice is settled, turn it on medium heat.、float a monkey with lemon seeds

Add more white wine、Occasionally, it boils down while stirring with rubber vera.


(14) Boil down to the softness of your taste、Put out the lemon seeds.、Add lemon juice to the finish and bring it to a boil.、The color is finished beautifully by putting on the lemon.

(15) Boil and disinfect a glass bottle for storage

(16) Pour into a glass jar that is boiled and disinfected while it is hot and heat ed.

(17) Strawberry jam、Served with bread and pancakes、I put it on yogurt.、It can be delicious even if I put it as a sauce of panna cotta and tea.

While I'm making strawberry jam、My dog Chocolat is waiting for me smartly on the sofa.、It is the best healing dog of my house ♪ to the nap time and the nap time with warm cheerfulness♪

Because a lot of strawberry jam was completed、I divide it to the neighborhood as usual!

Next year, I'd like to enjoy fruit picking at The Hastatsu Fruit Park Tokinosu.、Let's enclose a delicious table with seasonal fruit jam this year!

Tokinosu, Fruit Park
Address:4263-1 Toda-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka
Hours of operation:9:00To 18:00(Orchard Zone is 17:00Until )
*Business hours vary depending on the season, so please visit the official website.
Entrance fee:Adults and high school students 700 yen、Junior high and elementary school students 350 yen、Preschoolers free

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