Souvenirs of the grandmother of Peter's "Heidi white bread bread filled with kindness Cup


From the anime praised the local people's "Heidi, girl of the Alps.、Do you know Pan name 付kereta? White bread with Heidi reminds me。Its name is "Heidi white bread.。Heidi was spent at Clara's Frankfurt home、No eating in the mountains of the place d'armes fluffy was fluffy of white bread、To be a gift to the grandmother of Peter and、Every meal quietly hide in the wardrobe go room.。The image of such heartwarming episode, made white bread、Light and fluffy cakes I and texture。The origin of the naming of this bread with warm、And bread itself too soft I immediately my favorite texture of mochi。Hot Heidi tenderness to touch、I tried to make.

Heidi white bread
Flour 200 g、Milk 150 cc、Sugar 20 g、Butter 20 g、Salt 5 g、Dry yeast 5 g


The most troublesome part of homemade bread、Stage one (and、Amateur Pan I)。In there、Unplug the hand I pull out、So far hardest machine to try that、I put all the material in the flow (laughs) Home Bakery dough making course、150 minute exposure time is!


Even my husband was out once you have the dough and dust、Do not stick to the sticky on a cooking sheet with a dredge card into 9 equal parts rounds by hand。


9Divide the dough over the wet cloth、Primary fermentation 20-to 30-minute processing time。


Use silicone chopsticks、Dough press and gugut, muscle。* Students are not good.、Optional with silicone chopsticks seems slim, did (lol)


Oven and set to 40 ° C、By 霧吹ki fabric secondary fermentation exposure time 30 minutes。1.5Remove the larger fabric by as much as、In a tea strainer sprinkled some flour on the surface、150Grill 20 minutes in an oven set to ° C。White bread and not only、Be careful not browned, and adjust individual oven temperature。


Sweet smell of milk、Fluffy was fluffy of also I immediately have felt tenderness texture was moist and Heidi's "Heidi white bread" is。Very soft、Light texture, too, so 3-up in 4 pieces and scary cold (lol)、Cream stew fit、Sandwich with ham and vegetables across than OK! That will be a little bit deflated overnight、Because it is so hard not warm in the toaster, please help!

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