Explore the jizo-edge result in Hamamatsu "Kanzanji Hot Spring" Onsen in Tateyama Temple hot spring area!

The spa town of Hamamatsu in "Kanzanji Hot Springs"Famous watches border results jizo" SotoKanzanji Temple(Soudoushu Kanzanji) "and is recommended for short walks around the towering"Tateyama (Tateyama)"morning feel refreshing breeze!

This time、Upon request of the beach comes from Toyama Prefecture in-laws、His mother stayed、Featuring a roof-top open-air baths overlooking the Lake "Kanzanji Temple sagor Royal Hotel(Kanzanji Sago Royal Hotel) "to take care now!

1The floor dinner buffet at the Hamana Lake dining Kukai (Kukai).、And being named in the temple with a Kobo Daishi / Kukai Kanzanji Temple、Only this year was born in the summer of 2018, individually and、Atmosphere of calm filled with bright and cosy.

The buffet、Over the years, converted the migratory theme a few times through the、Small easy-to-eat ingredients chosen variety, provided、Eat Kabayaki eel and especially Seafood Grill course popular is unlimited! His mother and the hotel ownerKoji Ono (Koji Ono)And it's thank you with delight and able to have a pleasant time!

Fortunately there are、And she also am next morning clouds than sunshine、For the moment, it was blessed with the weather、Parking hotels overlook the beautiful Lake Hamana、It's invigorating! Immediately、Finish checkout、Would you like exploring the Tateyama promenade behind the hotel with the in-laws!

Kanzanji 寺館 mountain trail from the West to East roughly route 1 hour walk to introduce!

West walks road and will start、Shrine in Nara era 727 located innermost in Kanzanji Temple erected "ATAGO shrine (Atago Jinja)"!

Gate jumping through hoops.、Went up the staircase Omotesando away!

First of all,、清memashou hands and mouth by Kaku。

Ring the Bell of the shrine、2 bow and bow 2、Safe journey of his mother's wishes、Thank you very much reportedly visits!

Beside the shrine、Soto Kanzanji Temple (Soudoushu Kanzanji) famous marginal result jizo、For shrines and temples standing side by side、Double blessing! And、Power spot particularly feel the power!

Around behind the shrine、And 16 m high statue of our region's largest "Holy Kannon bosatsu"Their debut! From gentle your face known as the "beautiful goddess of mercy"、Pleasing your face shine better in the autumn sky!

Large rocks were marked by God with a rock and holds up the hand gently、God bless the Aya, and pressed their palms together!

En route to explore the Road East course after bodhisattva、It's a little bit downhill、In Kanzanji Temple erected Kobo Daishi used as a temporary Chapel yokoana tombs、Enshrined statues that engraved themselves during the 37 days and nights were trained "hole-Daishi (sinus hole Daishi)"!

Old Naito.、That especially is the result of have seen immeasurable!

Paying attention to the lower Cave's head go back and、Wooden plaque in front of hole is 佇ma and a keen wish to have queues up! Worshipper.

Go for walks Road East、To the "Observatory"!
From here、The beach name Lake over sprawling bō Tomei、If you're timing、Travel to Lake Hamana "Hamana excursion ship"The meeting will!
This time、When his mother stayed at Tateyama Temple sagor Royal Hotel、We asked the 'cruise ship tickets with"plan for、Can be free to ride in the tour course scheduled 30-minute、A magnificent view gave me very happy!

"Lookout" a little more "Fujimi rocks"And we will see the big rock called!
In the sunny weather、This rock from Fuji Volcano (Mt.Fuji) and landscape has been named from the beautiful too!

Good timing、Scheduled 70 minutes the boat tour course was showing up!
Immediately below the rocky cliffs is so、Please be careful on your careful!

Come walk Road East proceed from Tateyama at the eastern end ": Rock(Kanzanji Temple)"! At the top of this rock is active during the Kamakura period through the Heian poet saigyo、Has been named the 坐shite morning and evening watching the scenery, composed the song!

Cover to the shores of Lake raw、On the other side overlooks Hamana Lake PAL-PAL a Amusement Park Ferris Lake sky (Coco)、A comment can feel the waves with the fluctuation of the Lake returns、My heart feels love..!

Think of it、11/6(Tuesday) ropeway featured TV 'TBS TV Chief world"program in the" Lake Hamana kannagi Kanzanji Ropeway "was featured in it!

Moved Hamamatsu early 11th year。
I'm ashamed、For the first time was exploring the 寺館 Tateyama Mountain!
In Hamamatsu、Surprising dig sites I still know us is asleep!

Tateyama trail roughly about 1 hour hiking mood we are、Start from the hardships to the blessing power spot、Be rewarded with stunning views of Lake Hamana is no exaggeration to say the spot off the beaten path in would be! Come to the non-Beach hamanako Kanzanji Temple!

Soto Kanzanji Temple
Location:Shizuoka, Hamamatsu-Shi, Nishi-Ku, Tateyama-2231

Lake Hamana "karukan" Kanzanji Onsen tourism association

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