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Butter knife "spurred that" katchikachi butter become familiar with sutsu and bread in just 20 seconds!



The cherry tree scatters too early、Continued rain in the past few days unfortunately、4I feel cold and springtime, her nowadays.。
At the very least、To warm body and soul in the House alone、My home from the morning and eat breakfast!。
I love flowers "Ranunculus"Ornament on the table、Glow、
Japanese rice is good、Will want to eat once in a while the fluffy bread。
This time the、Introduction to one of the busiest mornings、It is best to recommend to you a lot of bread products introduction.

See SpreadTHAT!(Spredthat) ' $19.95(Japan yen and then around 2,400 Yen)
It's time to introduce、The warmth of his hands quickly tell、Katchikachi butter melts swung, alone holds only 20 secondsIt is said
Knife breakthrough 'SpreadTHAT!(Spredthat)' Is!
Design planning companies of Taiwan still not known in Japan "THAT! Inventions"He has
Kitchenware brands 'THAT!(That)"For one of the products in、
Spred thatThe、And using a tube of copper alloy to the cooling of the CPU used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry、
In addition to cavity、It travels toward the quick heat, low temperature,、Using the principle of thermal conduction。
It is said to hold heat and melt the butterSpred thatThe great thing about、
Beyond the performance、Stylish design with pride.、
Also one of the world most prestigious design prize 'iF design awards 2014"So has won!
YetJapan not releasedThere are not、Current、In 2 colors of black and Red。
Immediately、Let us try on the breakfast table.


The butter has just removed from the fridge、With a hardness of katchikachi brilliantly、
Do you cut with the kitchen knife it?、In backward time dissolve and return to normal temperature or time consuming。
However,、Spred thatIf you use the、Here you go! This street!
Katchikachi butter、Sutsu and the melting smoothly without any power?! (Surprise)


Moment on butter toasted bread


Watch the show in the smooth will melted butter!
But butter、Peanut butter and、Chocolate、It can be used for other ingredients, such as jam or cream cheese。
Thanks to spred that scraps! Hectic morning meal more enjoyable.
Next time、Boasting stylish and unique ideas "THAT!(That)"The present。
The following are、Heck show us what functionality?、From now on it is very fun!


Duke 70 g 690 Yen
The other day "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER winebtikkpanie Musa played script shop"Mr. on
I love spice "Duke"I bought it I've found!
Premium spice brand with a selection of spices of exceptional quality from France "Duke"。
Duca was born many centuries ago in the Middle East region is、
Nuts roasted on cumin、Coriander、Sesame seeds、In combination, salt will be based、
Will be doing this together, ground, roughly.


As a way of eating、From the soaked bread with extra virgin olive oil、DukeThe eating、
Chicken and fish、Salads and pasta、Tasty egg dishes, etc. we can!


An exciting flavor characteristic strong aroma with spicy sauce
Enjoy the flavours of coarsely crushed nuts、Makes her very flavorful spices.


Deep blue Tanzania produced 200 g 980 yen
Fukuroi home roasting coffee beans specialty stores "Blister and Japanese restaurant"Is it of this month new beans 'Deep blue"。
Tanzania's coffee-growing region in westernmost point will be on the other side and the famous Mount Kilimanjaro area
Grown in the Kigoma district located close to the border with Burundi.。
From a few decades ago, I been coffee growers in this district、
2000Feel benefits in the splendor of the red clay from this area of fertile, soft soil potential, development lead、
Now、Attracting attention as a new production.


With the smell of freshly ground coffee morning、Visit the best healing time.

A fruity and refreshing acidity is spread.、Celebrates flavor and a refreshing morning。
A nutritious breakfast is、It is a source of energy to spend one day!

Just a little attention to important、Delicious meal!

THAT! (That)


Blister and Japanese restaurant

Shizuoka Prefecture West Center packed with information on gourmet restaurants in Tokyo, Nagoya and overseas!
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And naturally you can enjoy the local food culture with Taiwan, Taipei travel Full-course dinner of Omakase chef potluck and forever renal certain friends and wine
And naturally you can enjoy the local food culture with Taiwan, Taipei travel
Full-course dinner of Omakase chef potluck and forever renal certain friends and wine


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