"Barbecue Uesugi" meat, the great lunch at Yamagata rice Sawa-no-cattle wholesale shop attendants!

29Days 'meat day.、Yakiniku restaurant directly wholesale brand-name beef, also known as the big three beef Japan Yamagata Yonezawa beef deal "Ltd. enters."Uesugi of Yonezawa beef barbecue Hamamatsu and infrastructure pine shop ' to!

Yakiniku restaurant now directly、"Uesugi Fukushima, Yonezawa beef char-grilled yakiniku"、"Yonezawa beef barbecue Uesugi County mountain shop"、"Hamamatsu shop.、And four stores in a "shichirin Grill Uesugi (Koriyama-Ekimae)、"Hamamatsu shop location is chosen as"Shin-Hamamatsu 100"infrastructure pine crossing angle.、Food is great!

At the entrance、Yonezawa dialect "introduced does not (thank you)" in in character!

A serene space with a dark brown、Bench sofa in room and dug kotatsu table seating 88-seat seats provided in the heart and、Provides year round at selected Yonezawa beef grilled over bincho charcoal grilled meat specialty stores.

Stores in the cellar of the hotel、Chateaubriand's started.、Short rib and loin、Such as Sirloin steak、Meat loaf every part laid!

This day is ushered in、And try to enjoy the lunch menu of Uesugi、I recommend girls set ladies 'lunch ¥ 1380、Husband ordered the full set ribs galore BBQ lunch, 1380 Yen!

The private Bay、Yonezawa feudal LordUesugi yozanIn his poem "succeed succeed have yet everything you 為seba consisting of the 為sanu of the" of powerful lessons have been written!

♦ women's lunch (with drinks and dessert) 1380 Yen
Recommended for women ladies lunch、Not just beef、With a variety of seafood and chicken healthy lunch、Carefully selected beef short ribs、Yamagata and Yonezawa beef meat roll、Unfried Tan、Chicken thigh、Scallop shell、Salad、Radish、A la carte dishes、Rice、Soup、Drinks (oolong tea)、Dessert (Almond) becomes a set volume of satisfied!
And the beef melts in your mouth texture especially wrapped with strips of green pepper、Taste of fresh food and eating with lemon salt chicken、Fat ribs 1-2 is a nice menu configuration to my satisfaction!

♦ "beef short ribs galore BBQ lunch (with drinks and dessert), 1380 Yen
Recommend a good looking men and fat beef short ribs galore BBQ lunch、Want to eat meat and in perfect、Yamagata and Yonezawa beef miso marinated ribs、Uesugi ribs、Onion salt beef short ribs、Yonezawa pork ribs、Salad、Radish、A la carte dishes、Rice、Soup、Drinks (oolong tea)、It is a set of dessert (Almond) will set spending sprees!

In addition、Lunch menu price、Large, medium, small can choose from rice、Plateful is free!

Provides set of both your weight, look good、Great satisfaction in the quality of the meat and lunch included!

Yakiniku、So you can bake one in their eating、And that desire is burning as long as I'm happy! As is expected、Meat, is determined to "meat"!

After dinner went to infrastructure pines、First let's look closely!

Of the estimated 300 year-old height is approximately 13 m、Around the trunk is approximately 3 metres.、Very rare pine roots of that surface over 2 meters above ground level.

Old land、Per duck mieji precinct、19From that second Kannon was enshrined called 19-Kannon germinating pine、As I loved!

Original、2This pine is called "duck River germinating pine"、0/1959 are registered in Hamamatsu, designated natural monument、2007In July, pine trees on 14, broke from the base it had fallen to、Now,、Part of the root is now obsolete!

And to explore the surrounding infrastructure pine、What nobody think big and、Across the hard infrastructure pine drawing on a bench on the Daddy!
From a powerful roots of a huge pine trees jut out from the surface of the Earth、Sense the intensity of life force、I get power!

Yonezawa beef and char-grilled Bulgogi Uesugi Hamamatsu infrastructure pine shop
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, duck River 2-55-29
Hours of operation:Mon-Fri、The day before holiday: 11:30-15:00 ( L.O.14:30-
17:00-Next day 0:00(L.O.23:30-
Soil、Day、Holidays: 11:30-Next day 0:00 (L.O.23:30-
Open every day

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