In shrine "Hamamatsu Gosha shrine, Suwa shrine" apotropaic prayer, for a new year!

To greet the new year、Annual new year's day is in the interest of Hamamatsu-Cho "Hamamatsu Gosha shrine-Suwa-Jinja shrine "has arrived!

Here is、1962Both are enshrined in、New and established the five shrine Suwa-Jinja shrine、The present shrine completed in 1982、One serving of both Karita, Bong Shinsaibashi has been。Apotropaic and thriving business、Traffic safety、New baby、It is a shrine to pray and pray for success in!

In the Hall were available within the precincts of the shrine、Purification in a neat order, and then you visit!

In order to cleanse the、First of all、Take a ladle in the right hand and left hand washes.、And、Take a ladle in the left hand, right hand wash。Finally taking the ladle right hand again, because the water on the left、In the water, mouth washes.、The remaining water with stand ladle、Water flow in ladle、Cleanse the ladle、In the cold、Purification is not numb fingers in!

For missing this year's professed visits、And after opening、A peaceful environment is、Many who started work、That suits many and apparent has been!

In the last bout、2018For years would be specially 0/1976-born husband、To ask the apotropaic prayer in the sanctuary、While thanking the old、This year the whole family one year peaceful every day life、Also、Is up with bet takamasa pray for peace!

That will be good this year, and in the sincerely heartfelt best wishes!

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