At the Dragon cloud Temple happy new year! Lantern of light Bell greets the new year with life!

A happy new year!
The Bell of the new year's Eve and new year's shrine、From my home as near sanaruko lake shores "Dragon cloud Temple(Ryouunji) ' to!

Here is、From now back to the 1330's nanbokucho period of approximately 700 years ago Temple、Temple of the Rinzai Zen sect Temple kidera Temple, Imperial Prince hit his Crown of Emperor go-nijō.

Now、2018In April, was appointed as the chief priest of King 22木宮 Takashi (Koshi Kimiya)Let's proactively managed and operated、Zazen meetings started.、Children through various programs, such as summer school、On the other hand in missionary work in the region.、Instead of relying on the border of the temple、Said Gil border Committee as a temple marriage live in volunteer activities are to inaugurate the society spun around the edges,、In many aspects the relationship between regions and temples and dense things are coming!

Such "Dragon cloud Temple"Now、Every new year's Eve 23:30-"Bell" and "life of the Lantern" are held until 25、At the same time can be "new year new year's day.、Condemnation [of prayer]、You can leave Temple tour to visit free of charge!

"Bell" was opening will be、Night 23.:15。
From my home to the Dragon cloud Temple in 10 minutes、23:40When to arrive、Already ago the temple and crowded with many people、Forms the long line!

Waiting for order striking "ring the Bell" on the left column、Only new year's shrine to the column on the right line to the main hall!

Celebrate new year's day in our mission、→ "devotedly on new year's Eve" → "new year new year's day" → the temple visit, followed by "conduct of Udon noodles and sweet".

Midnight 25 o'clock to get legs、Very welcome event that served all 撞keru "ring the Bell"!

Get in line in the cold、Shine perfect cold weather protection!
Look at the sky、Stars shine brightly out of Orion is proving very!

Including the main hall of the temple courtyard roofs、Expands the shimmering lights of life of countless fantasy world!


The light that this "life hunting Association.、1Two people donated a lantern of the 300 yen by "various prayer accomplishment.、With "pray for health.、Also、That can give the polio vaccine to the children of the world 10、Just connect the life events.

Until the Bell Temple, located on a hill overlooking the Lake sanaru、In approximately one hour waiting time、We the hand numbered tickets would be 270-th、As to the front of the Bell finally!

When was、Take out Hat、And bowed the head down、Bell struck、Also after the palms together and your head!

Life devotedly for the first new year's Eve as a couple collaborate on new year and carry safely、Shook the desires、2019Anniversary of a new pleasure in!

After that、Follow the route、We will visit the precinct!

Hondo's feet carry、The shrine on new year's day and new year's greetings!

Here you will、Delivery of social networks, and permitted、Free photo shoot!

In the environment、Are placed many valuable Temple Treasures handed down from generation to generation, has been published、Fully loaded!

Nice to be illuminated、Immense Hisashi garden Temple South of karesansui gardens、In clean garden planters garden behind the main hall、There will be 15 m waterfall!

16 illustration of hell paradise was exhibited in the corridor of the world and very impressive world of hell paradise figure、You can enjoy the journey to heaven from hell!

In addition "Dragon cloud Temple"And speaking of、In the genius calligrapher with Down Syndrome was held in the fallKanazawa ShokoIs it the famous exhibition!

According to the mahaparinirvana Temple, built as the "world's biggest Sutra" was dedicated、Permanent works will enable you to visit at any time!

Kanazawa ShokoIs it of great power and momentum is strong and stout、And very interesting piece、The Sutra covers the wall an enormous force fuelled power、Simply magnificent!

Life but was fascinated with painting and calligraphy outpouring、Last but not least、"Behavior of the udon" offering at the Dragon cloud Temple Hall become a treat!

Unfortunately "Amazake" seems to have become sold out、Was able to get warmth from cold "udon"!

Also gone in and click the "udon"、Covered with bonito flakes and seaweed、Good scent!

Can be a valuable experience、I was able to greet the new year with a pure heart and warms my! Our happy new year please thank!

Dragon cloud Temple
Address:Shizuoka, Hamamatsu-Shi, Nishi-Ku, INO-Cho 4702-14
Opening hours:9:00~ 16:30
Admission fee:No (However、It must be served in the main hall to pray to the Gohonzon)
New year's Eve and new year's day and:万灯会 Bell, new year new year's day, life

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