Happy new year five shrine Suwa Shrine at new year shrine peace pray for attack on new year's.


Gosha shrine Suwa shrine

A happy new year!


To spend a year this year and many people better、Also our couples2015 yearThe new year's day celebrates the new year 'Gosha shrine Suwa shrine"InShrineTo come! This is、1962 yearThe companies are enshrined、Newly established five shrine Suwa-Jinja shrine。The present shrine1982 yearAt the completion of、One serving of both Karita, Bong Shinsaibashi has been。Apotropaic and thriving business、Traffic safety、New baby、Shrine to pray and pray for success in the。It is new year's day new year's day、Pretty much, so it must be visited。But time consuming more than you think、First of all、The struggle to secure parking。Gosha shrine's parking only 80 or so does not provide for、Use the nearby parking、It is recommended to go on foot.


0/1638、Hamamatsu Castle、High-strength settsu protect donor wasWater basinAt、Cleanse your hands and mouth.。To cleanse hands properlyOrderBut for。First of all、Take a ladle in the right hand, left hand wash。And、Take a ladle in the left hand, right hand wash。Finally taking the ladle right hand again, because the water on the left、Wash your mouth with water。The remaining water with stand ladle、Water flow in ladle、Ladle purges。Attached to their normal eye to seeSin-defilementFor spring、Purification in a neat order, and then you visit!


Two bow bow

Properly waits its turn、Offering gently thrown、Two bow bowWe will。To show gratitude last year had safely、Constant smiles of family and friends this year than a year so we have to pray.


And thanks to you to shoot in such a sacred place、We hope everyone was attending together descends more seafood。For ladies and gentlemen, happy new yearladeThe initiator is harnessed to devote oneself with、We enjoy meeting new people per year and hope!

So this year please visit favorite、Thank you thank you!

Gosha shrine Suwa shrine
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku-interest Cho 302-5 TEL:053-452-3001

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku-interest Cho 302-5

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