Only the "blister and Japanese restaurant" new year! The Toraja of the phantom! Roasting high aroma of fresh coffee

Retreat home roasting coffee beans shops located along the road to the Temple of Fukuroi through "Blister and Japanese restaurant(Mameya Cafe) "to with new year's greetings to buy coffee beans!

Here is、Hama-CHAN's friend and his wife 濱小路 benevolence and his wife inBeach alley, Akemi (Akemi Hamashoji)Just engaged、 There are many shops where you will find the aroma of roast stand home roasting coffee beans!

In the western part of Shizuoka Prefecture、Not to mention the restaurants and cafes、Apparel and beauty salon、Not limited to grocery stores, such as food and beverage outlets、 Not a blister and Japanese restaurant are buying coffee beans、 Specialty stores are loved by many fans.

The Cafe is not、Is me making coffee always order the coffee beans during roasting to wait for services.、On this day、"Maserati Act City Hamamatsu"In with your new year's bun got cheek was stiff!

Is your new year's buns、Founded 1630, long-established Japanese-style confection store "1000 bird shop sohonke (1000 bird shop Tokyo head office)"In a staggered buns would be famousMaseratiWill your new year's bun of logo's "Neptune Harpoon" brand was not for sale!

This time the、Is your new year's blend of dressed up like a new year's package also became concerned about、Delicious received last year was offered at a special price, limited new year "vision coffee:Toraja (made in Indonesia) 200 g 1000 yen "in the decision. Is a high-quality fragrance.、Good balance of acidity and bitterness of smooth and classy taste!

1/4(Thursday)-1/8 (Monday) ever, "blister and Japanese restaurant.、"New year new grand raffle" and entitled、To purchase coffee beans during the wrong lot no "Lottery" is!

To return home.、I love 'GODIVA"For with legendale truffles feel history's sense of grain this year enjoy the luxury coffee!

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