Home cooking! Early next year held the French chef cooking at home!

Christmas was spent through the end of the year of the French "Café & Restaurant now and forever"The are intending going Onoe Sung, Chef and the beginning of this year to hold new year's Party at my house.、In doing so、I have chosen to hold a cooking class we teach the lessons from earlier, I want was chef's favorite "beurre"!

In advance is required to become a full-bodied white wine-based butter "beurre" seasonings and ingredients around to help、The others are、End of holiday home refrigerator check from the beginning、Started missing main ingredients, such as visits to buy!

Me standing in my kitchen the chefs welcome you、This makes three!

Follow the Onoe chef support、Matsui, Ayako, the friends will help! And first began brewing "beurre blanc sauce.、At the same time while keeping an eye not work with lye takes life、Local vegetables and fish、We finished cleanly under the processed meats、Weekly dish will be finished!

The finished dish、To amuse crab and mango sauce Brussels Sprouts with sauce
Hiro Onoe crab and mango sauce is fueled by Christmas dinner、Originally the delicious crab mango and meet、A rich and reasonably priced!

Champagne MUMM Cordon Rouge Brut, (MUMM Cordon Rouge Brut)
Grape varieties:45% Pinot Noir、30% Chardonnay、25% Pinot Meunier
Champagne in taste and good taste in a discreet sweetness fit for every meal,。

Appetizers served"pickle baguette smoked salmon and Red radish and paprika.
Thin slices of salmon in the smoking room of "now and forever" in cherry wood chips smoked flavor-rich、Red radish and red pepper and pickled taste of Japanese-style broth-based improvised、Must be accompanied by "FYUCHON" baguette!

Soup、Cauliflower and clam soup
In making a paste of cauliflower、While rich feel smell of fresh shiso shiso to add as an accent finish。With crisp bacon and fresh clams are delicious!

Fish dishes、"Red Snapper sauteed with beurre blanc sauce.
Using a beurre blanc sauce thoroughly boiled down to low 3 hours, was completed、The fried Red Snapper with! Normally one day, to complete the source this time、But kindly arrange for home、Do not hang a trouble free loving French source as profound! Red Snapper sauteed crispy skin side boiled or sautéed、Intertwine also source good sauteed purple cabbage with Bacon、Cream of cabbage were laid down red snapper stewed with sauce is also good!

Frederick mabileu (2010 Frederic Mabileau Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil Coutures)
Full-bodied with smooth tannins can enjoy rich aromas of ripe red fruit and spices with meat!

Meat dishes、"Along with Angus beef roast vegetables.
Thick-cut Angus beef roasted with herbs and、Simply in the salt。Local vegetables carrots and small potatoes、Taro、Maitake mushroom、Green beans、Esyaletto, and burned slowly in stone ware roaster、Happy together!

Dessert、"Strawberry reach restart.
Made in advance "of the strawberry reaches told" the Onoe chef napaju with glossy finish、Hung off pistachios, perfect!

In the midst of "cooking class"、For incorporating basic knowledge and various beans、Could be so much fun to spend a new year! Ms. Onoe、Thank you very much for your busy!

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