Celebrate the Maserati Hamamatsu Grand opening, held the opening party!


On the site of the Motor City dealer old Alfa-Romeo、More and more "Maserati Hamamatsu"Mr.6/14(Sat.)Today's grand opening!マセラティ ジャパン株式会社(代表取締役Fabrizio cazzoliMr.) is、Sasayama city, Hyogo Prefecture based on imports from sales of vehicles, domestic new car used car sales、Engaged in maintenance of peace、Listed in the "customer satisfaction first."Queenauto co., Ltd."(President and Representative Director:Tabata, ToshihikoMr.) and Maserati authorized dealer agreement。Based on the Maserati latest CI showroom and service Bay established、Shizuoka Prefecture will start full-scale sales activities as a trade。Showroom、Service factory is located in a highly convenient location、Provide suitable for luxury sport brand with high-quality service and elegant atmosphere。In the future、Hamamatsu is expected mainly in the Tokai district!


この日はグランドオープンを記念してオープニングパーティを開催Maserati ownerAs15First yearThe couple invited with her husbandladeとして参加させていただきましたマセラティのラグジュアリーな魅力溢れるシャンパンゴールドのボディカラーをイメージした和装で出陣グランドオープンのお祝い花は「Pinus parviflora FLANNEL FLOWER」さんにお願いしました大きな壷にアレンジメントしてくださりとても素敵な仕上がりでした♪


At the venue、マセラティ現オーナー様や今後オーナー様になられる予定のゲストの皆様がお揃いです


As guestsMaserati JapanPresident ofFabrizio cazzoli氏が参加され華やかな場となりました


Decorate opening MCLUCY KENTSan。アメリカ人と日本人の両親を持ちアメリカ合衆国ニューヨーク州出身でラジオパーソナリティモデル歌手モデルと様々な分野で活動されています。 Now、ラジオDJナレーターMCの仕事もスタート


It is operated Maserati Hamamatsu "Queenauto co., Ltd."The Vice President宮定 yudai氏の代表スピーチで開幕


Maserati Japan co., Ltd. President & CEOFabrizio cazzoli氏の来賓挨拶


By maseratijapanmarketing Shigeo cornerAt all by Mr. toast cheers!


General Manager of Hamamatsu MaseratiSugiura Akira氏からの挨拶とスタッフ紹介


Round 8 real estate group with Maserati Hama Matsu held collaborative eventsThe celebration ended "Round eight real estate group"Chairman of theHirano OsamuMr. "Queenauto co., Ltd."The Vice President宮定 yudai氏の初顔合わせ


Co., Ltd. fragility RiverThe Director,Morokawamachi, mAnd MrHamamatsu hotelsAndHOTEL SORRISOThe Managing Director, General Manager,Morokawamachi University氏ご兄弟そしてご友人でマセラティオーナー様である坂政 plywood co., Ltd.AndMAHCOME-Markham, Inc.Of the PresidentMasahiro Sakagami氏と記念撮影偶然の再会とご縁に感謝します♪



Great catering provided by venue、Italian representative Hamamatsu "BRILLANTE IL SUZUKI brirantesuzuki"Mr.。


Of FranceNoir de Bigorre pigの原木の生ハムをガーリックバゲットに添えてサーブ薄くスライスするとしっとりした食感で、Felt as good as salty and nutty aroma、とろけるような口当たりで上質な脂が楽しめます


In addition to、10Cup each prepared as a kind of beautiful hits。Also directed who furiously lavished summer truffle baguette further put the mash on the best!


BrillanteTomoki SuzukiWhole-body work、Maserati's TridentChocolate cake decorated with three-pronged Harpoon。Flaky texture and so offers a good level of sweetness.


About dishes prepared by catering brillante Suzuki-Kun explanation!


Consider arriving by car、At the party was non-alcoholic、Plenty of high-quality grape juice and non-alcoholic sparkling "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER wine boutique Pannier"Mr.。Ladies and gentlemen,、Seemed that is enjoyed with delicious food!




On the blue sheet was laid in the Middle model, going byNew wareThe fashion show。4Is focused on the woman who walks。


LUCY KENT.SugiuraMaseratijapan saidAbeIs it by talk show is being waged about the charm of the Maserati。


Classical-crossover popular unitsBLACK VENUS black VenusBy live!


Arranged rock, classical and continental passion's theme song、Use an electric instrument、Moving venues in a flashy performances。Rock and roll music and his three ornate Visual, fun venue.


Round eight real estate groupMrs. PresidentAtsuko HiranoWith photo!



Our Maserati Hamamatsu Grand opening congratulations!

Maserati Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku, North Island town 772 TEL:053-589-4366
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku Kita island town 772

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