Shopping in GINZA SIX Ginza area's largest commercial complex!

Tokyo Ginza eye 6-Chome redevelopment and Matsuzakaya Department store site、2017/4/20To open one of the largest commercial complex "GINZA SIX(Ginza-six) "to!

The hotel was born as a luxury Mall、From the world's leading brands and concentrated 241 brand Japan traditional crafts、Featured gourmet offerings!

Open the already 3 months elapsed from the、On this day though the weekend、Able to enter without being crowded at the entrance without difficulty。
"Yayoi Kusama", was set up in the Atrium escalator from central art piece is 惹ki impressive eyes。Other、Floor there are works of art scattered here、Major features of the ginthesix.

After a day shopping in the floor would be the main fashion brand shop、At foodselia on the B2 floor that you are looking for mind and enjoy the dance time!

First of all,、You are looking for "L ' ABEILLE (Honey specialty shop Lavalle) "At the shop! Means "Bee" in France and "L ' ABEILLE'。We are reborn as a specialist stores honey in the world at the Tokyo ogikubo tagashira Apiary in Ehime started in 1950 as a beekeeper in 2001。
Here you will、Sort and 80 more than 10 countries worldwide with high-quality honey、It is a sight to see! Especially、Flowers and spices、Recommend GINZA SIX shop only opens up the luscious aroma of fruit honey series "Parfums de MIEL"!

I、Sweet violet flower-studded violet (110 g 2 ¥ 160 yen / 240 g 3, 996) purchased for tea!
From all the honey tasting available、Good service is because you can find your favorite!

Lunch、Renowned Japanese moved to Shiba-daimon from the yushima, Tokyo "Kuro Takagi"Green tea"Yemon"As well as collaborate"Kuro Takagi Cha"In the、That was the gi名 of the black sea bream topping course for booking appointments、13:30 reception and ended too early for、Sadly give up my work。

Also next time and give up、Has become a hot topic "Brush-Yun seaweed valve climbing"In the、Get the seaweed valve got grilled salmon becomes the most popular sea 1080 Yen!

If you purchased Bento、Green rooftop garden we can and our staff as possible、Immediately、To the soothing blue sky roof! All window has a view corridor、360You can enjoy the streets of Ginza in the panorama of the times!

While the Prime Ginza、Rich where surrounded by trees、Delicious and enjoyed lunch with flavorful seaweed!

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