Hamamatsu town creative spot KAGIYA building rooftop period limited Camp Garden!


Over 50 year-old street, wood Lily creative spot 'KAGIYA building"The rooftop days Chamaeleonidae。Very limited time offer、Not usually used rooftop renovators to camping! Said、Its name is "Camp Garden Takayama camping"It is being held。This event is、"Everyone still lashes creation project" of part of adoption project and sponsored the Takayama camping Committee、"Round eight real estate co., Ltd."、"BOOKS AND PRINTS"、"the Enn"、"Hand-made soba noodles naru"、"403architecture [dajiba] "、"BOTANICA"For it is launched in cooperation with.


1Entrance is the sign of this mini tent model.


During the period、Talk about events and workshops, and more! The night of the second day of this day、He participated in the group exhibition in Tokyo-born artist open numerous solo exhibitions at home and abroad、Collaboration with t-shirts and apparel brand、Has been active in the album jacket designKen kagamiSome laughter in his art、Just like sex education talk show (admission fee:1,000Circle), grab the hearts of young people were.


The BAR was installed on the roof、From during the 6 pm (Saturday and Sunday 16 pm) is open until 10 pm。In an open space on the roof、Cup while watching the night sky is the best!


Established artists have painted painting tent 6、Those who wish to stay prior reservation is required。Tent size is S (2 persons).M(2~3 persons).L(3~4 persons) and 3 different sizes、Rental rates、S/2, 000 yen、M/3, 000 yen、L/4, 000 yen。Still has some free、Is that guests can book with.


I visited during the third day of the event day KAGIYA building。Stop at the intersection、Suddenly looking roof and good feeling with colorful flags are fluttering the wind!


Of the entrance of the day is like.。A refreshing contrast with the atmosphere of the night。4Stairs in high-rise buildings、Would come into play, carrying the stroller as well as for families with small children pretty born into my lack of physical strength (laughs)!!


3The events of the day、Feel the human-powered by bicycle pedal power project (entry fee:500Yen)、Happy flag work shop coffee make renovation in lovely Flagstaff (entry fee:500Yen)、No fluffy Department of caricature caricature workshop (entry fee:1,000Circles) and has been、Holding time is 14-18 I am!


After tomorrow's events will、2013/9/14The (Saturday)、Early in the morning, 1 hour from 7:30 morning Yoga delusions (entry fee:500Yen)、Same day 19 ~ 10 pm、Handmade buckwheat naru's cuisine comes in catering。And、2013 / 9 / 15 final (Sunday) 6 pm-10 pm、Will close the curtain with a fun DJ time!


Events where you can enjoy during the day and night is packed。A visit to paradise roof enjoying the spectacular urban space in the town of Hamamatsu?。I usually、See the landscape is waiting for you!

On the camp Garden @ cagiyaville ya
Sponsored by:Takayama camping Committee
Held period:2013On September 6, (Friday) ~ 9/15/2013 (Sunday)
Location:Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 229-13 reservation TEL+FAX:053-482-7203
(In case of rain *、Special event only 4 F to be held in the gallery space)
Reception:403Please see the official site of architecture [dajiba] office premises * how to book。
Mail /Info@campgarden.NET

229 -13 tamachi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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