Relay Maserati Hamamatsu '100th anniversary Memorial relay Maserati centenary journey"to the point!


Maserati Japan co., Ltd.Maserati Inc. founded100AnniversaryCommemoration, held"100th anniversary commemorative relay Maserati Centennial road'The、In Tokyo Shiba-Zojoji Temple7January 22nd (Tue).Followed by a departure ceremony、723. ( water-24 (Thu)ToTokyo-KyotoConnecting the relay program。In the 100-year anniversary celebration over two days、To enforce the "100th anniversary commemorative relay Maserati centenary journey"、Inspiration from "your pots on the road" during the Edo period、From zojo-ji Temple in Tokyo、And through Maserati Act City Hamamatsu、Kyoto's Kiyomizu Temple is the old and the new Maserati、Will present a traveling。At the departure ceremony、Maserati founded 100 anniversary limited edition model and "GranTurismo MC stradale", Gran Cabrio MC Centennial Special Edition debuted in Japan、A big event with a resounding rendition of Tokyo Tower lights up blue Maserati to start up。And will depart Tokyo、As an intermediate point resting spots on the way to Kyoto、2014 June,In the openedMaserati HamamatsuJust-pickedSee Maserati 100 year journey Hamamatsu tea party 'Was established the location of the celebration called。This also、lade-The event has been participating for invite!


Can't miss in Maserati's history 'A6"Are displayed。ThisA6 seriesThe、1940In the lateFrom the prototype is manufactured by Ernesto Maserati、Is an iconic model to build an era in the history of Maserati.。From the structural layout of the engine and chassis、And provide the skeleton short deck and beautiful design trend、Design from Pininfarina worked、A6 PininfarinaWe are known as。In addition to the A6 series、On the other hand the bodywork of Carrozzeria、
In addition to Pininfarina, Zagato、Touring、Vignal、Have、Famous Aleman, etc.。Photo shoot with this car park is provided.


The venue is、Using the Maserati Hamamatsu's showroom in、Will tea party standing form。Maserati owners ' introduction、Was gathered, all involved hope 100th anniversary Memorial event is a success!


General Manager of Hamamatsu MaseratiSugiura AkiraGreetings from Mr.


Maserati Japan co., Ltd. PresidentFabrizio cazzoliOperated Mr. and Maserati Hamamatsu 'Queenauto co., Ltd."The Vice President宮定 yudaiWhats let photo in front of the Centennial Memorial Board, enclosed as you said! In the threeTridentThe pose! Thank you for your valuable shots!


This also、Similar to the last opening、Great catering provided by venue、Italian representative Hamamatsu "BRILLANTE IL SUZUKI brirantesuzuki"Let's offer!


Seafood and summer vegetable panzanella


Chicken cacciatora


Fusilli ragu of Brown mushroom


Arrabiata tomato and eggplant




Mini ham and cheese


Duck and Octopus finger food


Buddha REW ham Focaccia


Trident of chocolate sweets.

At lunchtime that there、Panini ham, its small size and short pasta, arancini、Line and snacks filled with colorful vegetable caponata, etc.


Partly due to summer vacation has begun?、Enter the information that has been caught in a traffic jam on the road from Tokyo、Maserati relay forces among Maine supercar "Bora Bora"That engine trouble had caused。And much later than the scheduled time.、Chat while you eat while waiting for the relay squad.


Clorox cut arrived、Maserati Coupe。AndNew Ghibli、Quattroporte、Gran CabrioAnd succession100Anniversary commemorative relay unitArrive in Hamamatsu Maserati!



Hall of faces、You have to get out and photograph! The participating vehicles"Quattroporte S Q4.、"Ghibli S Q4.、"Ghibli"、Gran Cabrio sports、"Bola"、"Spyder 90th anniversary.Such would be 10 units.


Having carefully molded of please!


Venue showcase in the votive products was established successfully!


100Housed in Bako featuring the anniversary of Maserati logo、Black and Red、This lacquer pair of Sen no Rikyu Natsume (jujube and tea) at the top、Decorated with the Trident design。Finishing covering (etc.) of wrap black Natsume damask pattern (きれじがら)、Neptune-Neptune in Bologna became the origin of Maserati logo coat of arms、Qing dynasty in ancient Japan and waves waves and rabbit、In addition to Chu Natsume from Italy national flower Daisy、Adopted the Golden brilliance of "Chrysanthemum fence"、Memorial dedication products produced by artisans.


Put the votive products to、The Maserati Club of Japan representative was appointed the most important importantThe more letters a lakeFrom MrGreetings。To celebrate this day、Finland-born former f-1 racerMika Juhani Salo Mika SaloThe racing suit is that 纏warete wear!

Maserati Club of Japan


Relay participants Nagayama Office Director General Mr greetings!


Maserati Japan co., Ltd. PresidentFabrizio cazzoliMr. toast!




Maseratiuni form was produced in matching serving Nagoya, Kasugai-city "ABITTERIA"The President andKobayashi MasayoshiWith 'KYB co., Ltd."The branches and hisato、Commemorative photo with your friends!




CLUB ABITTERIAFor your car。OldGhibliTo222CaliphAnd、Boasting excellent condition!


Votive tea pot becomes the main event。Tea processing for representing Shizuoka Prefecture、Tokugawa Ieyasu publicly associated with the preciousMotoyama of Shizuoka green teaPlays an important role to pay the premiums on the 100th anniversary of tea pots and say! Is prepared by Maserati Hamamatsu、Some green tea drank sunpu Castle (sunnpujou), Tokugawa Ieyasu、Is Motoyama of Shizuoka green tea。From the ancient era、Motoyama district that was known for its high-quality tea is the equivalent of Kyoto and taste and smell、0/1605、In a.d. and in 1605、Cultivated drinking Ieyasu himself publicly tencha (tenncha)、And save、Reaching the Castle at any time "tea jar refill order (breather and chatsubo, so stay tuned)" and to have my say、It comes to be ordered in the yeomanry in Shizuoka。Because it is a person who willingly drank tea、Exactly 100 years that Maserati too, we'll further evolved from this dedication as well as perhaps worthy of tea!


Maserati owner for many years in the坂政 plywood co., Ltd.AndMAHCOME-Markham, Inc.Of the PresidentMasahiro SakagamiFrom Mr、Toast with cold tea cleanse。Fragrant cold tea cold kind and helpful!


詰marete Maserati trailer appeared,、70Age of Supercars "Bora Bora」!


Rear engined with 4.9 litre V8 engine in a Maserati at the time of the strongest、Just super。1971 yearFrom1979 yearUp to just530UnitsManufactured、A valuable one and that in。Silver stainless steel roof、Looming raised rear end、Stretching up to reacwater wide large windscreen area highlights! In short I can't tell but as cool!


Our guests andFabrizio cazzoliMr. for the Maserati exhibition car front photo!




"100th anniversary commemorative relay Maserati Centennial road'
Hub city to leave safely toward the goal、When it comes to Kyoto and Kiyomizu Temple.

Maserati Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku, North Island town 772 TEL:053-589-4366
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku Kita island town 772


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