"Something true original Castle" seasons of the 12-year anniversary celebration Thanksgiving evening course

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From the Viola, as French is located near Richmond Hotel Hamamatsu 1 'Gang true original Castle"Mr.。There in the hotel、Warm and friendly atmosphere、Modern & stylish's has become a restaurant full of luxury in space、Incorporating the Italian taste、That restaurant is a casual line of creative French。Zhen gang is open from12AnniversaryCommemorate the2014October 16, (Thursday)、17(Fri)、18Day (Saturday)The anniversary party was held over 3 daysEvening of thanksOf17(Fri)Of the Board ofMizuguchi Tomoaki (みずぐちちあき)Invited to the Manager, took part in the couple.


Shop、Simple and modern design atmosphere in、And the table space。By using the screen at the back、Also available as a single room (up to 18 persons)。Used as a meeting place for many customers in gastronomy held regularly throughout the year、A bin just in the wedding party, including、Reserve a Charter flight for each event is supported。On this day、Total of more than 80 people gather.、I very crowded party。Just、For the day will join friends of hamanako Royal Hotel Manager Brook daizaburo、Will be in the present。Now、In the gastronomic Association celebrates the 12th anniversary、Katayama Hiroshi Kuniyoshi(On the other hand paralysis completely)Floor balcony with seen eating the delicious special let course!

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Mizuguchi Tomoaki (みずぐちちあき)Manager introduction、12Contains the greetings of thanks from the heart weight of the anniversary date.

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And、Katayama Hiroaki Kunio (on the other hand paralysis in)From the chef、He introduces one cooking course is designed for this day!


The fee for the anniversary party、1Per capita12,500Circle in、Drinks are、Even the sommelier that mizuguchi's wines and sake、Draft beer、Whiskey、And with free drinks and soft drinks、Has become a very affordable price!

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Clément de Jura Domaine Gran

Rosé sparkling farthest from mainland France regional "Jura"。The celebrations worthy of this Rosé、As the guests can enjoy a nice acidity and freshness.


"Conger floated to the beet puree GE seared chorizo and grilled Eggplant accents.

Seared fresh pike conger will intersect it with vivid color beet puree。Enjoy the texture of conger and amuse in!


"Served cold duck foie gras Royale cauliflower jelly.

From the suave, creamy cauliflower jelly、The rich taste of duck foie gras is the debut、Enjoy with jelly、Mellow and gently wraps the foie gras!


"Domaine Albert Mann Riesling"

In one of the wineries represent Alsace、Enjoy the best of Riesling wine。Lemon or citrus fruit、Peach and love made to plump aromas and、The thickness of the creative、Good with fish and shellfish.


'Bread'You like along with the olive oil.


"Natural between gazpacho salad with Squid tomato and Kishu plum with kelp clamping of eight.

Gentle kelp tightened between 8。And、60The texture is soft and relit in C closely、Oval squid sepioteuthis lessoniana flavor and sweetness brings out the best and will be in the salad!


France restaurant in Nagoya started.、Hotels、He served as the head chef at the House restaurant、The inauguration of President of gang true original Castle cuisineKatayama Hiroshi KuniyoshiWaiting for the next dish dishes by the chef (pictured left) hand drawn open kitchen immersive setting, overlooking is one way to enjoy!


"Soft Enshu dream pork belly meat sauce、Filou package baked soy sauce and red wine vinegar-flavored sauce.

1 pork Filou package texture crispy and trickled with the softness and sweetness to feel while enjoying the food!


"Hamanako Royal Hotel"The ManagerDai-CHANThatOgawa DaisaburoMr、2-camera of her husband's students (most I is a disciple:Lol)。Dai-Chan of to see the blog is updated、There are also increases the camera's performance compared to the past、So beautiful, good photos and growing! Now,、Angle from the bottom right not to peek through the viewfinder is also perfectly at home?!


Beaune 2002 Lou Dumont

Lou DumontNakata KojiMr. Select rare selection。Can enjoy the feeling of aging modularization of Burgundy wine。The "rare" rare selection、Nakata's daughter in "rare-Chan" and、It is ancestry was "rare" means rare。2002 yearThe Burgundy wine year.。Mr. water entrance、Zhen gang was born in the year2002 yearTo multiply the selected by click here!


Dai-CHAN、The swelling face too seriously, not broken? (Lol)


"Chiffon cake with sea bream scales baked truffle sauce with truffle aioli, served with"

Tilefish and asparagus、Although this dish of many people from、The skin surface is a little lack of crunchiness it?? And so it seems。Wearing the scent of truffles was delicious, fluffy moist cake texture source rich with.


"Along with the aroma of Roquefort cheese roast of lamb"Australia from saltbuschram""

And saltbuschram、Eating plants called "saltbush", growing up in lamb、In a very rare species in Australia、Vibrant hues、Is characterized by delicate, soft fleshy。A thick sauce of Roquefort cheese and blue cheese.


Finish the main dish naku、There was a live stage、Start with 3 lines of Okinawa。And Maceda somewhere I was 7 or so played the song to represent him as a twink (lol) 3-wire and Okinawa。"Island song" and "Nada SOU SOU"、It was easy and so on "Okinawan folk song" listen to the song!


"Orange and chocolate chiboust with bitter chocolate sorbet.

Must be accompanied by thick, smooth sorbet in chiboust can enjoy sweet and sour。Cute tiny Macaron?!



The specialties, delicious wines we enjoyed dinner、Mr. water entrance finish of ended with greetings。After this、Dai-Chan on got a second teaser、I think it really wishes to。Zhen gang、12Congratulations on your anniversary! Mr. water entrance、I also slowly come to dine.

Gang true original Castle
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, former castle town 218-1 Richmond Hotel Hamamatsu 1F TEL:053-450-5571
Hours of operation:11:30-15:00(Last order 14:00) 18:00To 22:00(Last order 21:00) Closed:On Tuesday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku from Castle town 218-1

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