Maserati Nagoya and Maserati Nagoya Service Center event announcements


2013In April, 19.The boasts top sales nationally from being open 'Maserati Nagoya"Mr.。In the Maserati Japan Japan 16th and will be sales and after sales、Total floor area: about413m ²The spacious store、5 vehicles with permanent exhibition、Maserati showroom is Japan's largest、Is a large showroom for the largest worldwide。Very well located,、Located in Cherry Street through the heart of Nagoya City and near to the junction of Fushimi, easy-to-access car or on foot.


In the showroom、And reserved car to eight good show、Spacious interior and spacious with new Ghibli and Quattroporte、It is possible to see the GranTurismo。Above all、Was the stand out also possess powerful, brilliant pictures left with racing cars like the MC stradale。And、But the new GhibliBlue EmotionIt new color blue color is a beautiful called ♪


On this day、3200GT touring top Gifu CountyThe return visit to Nagoya、In the salesman's Maserati NagoyaNuriToshiki (fill and conductor)Is it to ask to see、Next week11September 30 (days).ToladeHamamatsu City to produce the scheduledMASERATI DAY in HAMAMATSUThe dividend announcement。And we organized an interesting even Maserati Nagoya's upcoming events。While exchanging information、Piling on each other each other up、I want sparked the Maserati whirls more and more in Japan!


Maserati it is in a remote location about a 10-minute drive from Nagoya's showroom "Maserati Nagoya Service Center"And we also we have put their。Click here to get the first time you。In the large plant、And lined with improvement in the car!


But the size of the showroom、 Guestrooms also provide waiting space。While you leave to car maintenance service、Would be nice for our tea here!


The other day、Event was organized by Maserati Nagoya "Autumn excursion touringIt is "in Maserati after-sales master technician of Nagoya you who have led theTanaka thenAnd I also heard the greetings。But not limited to the current car Maserati、Too many classic cars that followed ridden cherish、Tanaka, staff it and thanks to her deep affection for Maserati's and experienced mechanic techniques。Will be held next weekMaserati Day in HAMAMATSUBut1960~ 1970 TaiwanOf the star-studded classic! Maserati will total more than 40、To Hamamatsu City parade ran to everyone by all means pictures must be paid to it.

Maserati Nagoya
Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya-Shi Naka-ku Jin 2-4-15 TEL:052-202-1133
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Central Kam 2-4-15

Maserati Nagoya Service Center
Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya-Shi Nakagawa-Ku, Sanno 4-5-36 TEL:052-332-1133
Hours of operation:9:30To 18:30 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City in Sichuan District Wang Shan 4-5-36

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