Maserati Nagoya hosted fall touring 2015 aimed at Fukui Mikata goko Rainbow line (2)


"Maserati Nagoya"As an organized event planning、
To celebrate the 2nd annual meeting of "Maserati autumn excursion in Fukui"The touring、
Maserati party headed in the direction of Fukui、
From Tsuruga Hokuriku car road、Across from the Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway.、
Wakasa Mikata interchange off you, getting towards Obama.、
Reserved in advance "Eel dishes Tokuemon"To have arrived!


It's best known in "The eel' Is!
There are many of eel in eel farming regions、
Mikata station near morality right Mamoru gate established eel in very famous seems to。
Mikata Lake Mikata one "The eel"That said mouth shredded blue eel (kuchbosoaownagi)、
And a sharp mouth、That round ass features。
In other areas "The eel"While eating goby、Of Sampo Lake "The eel"The eat high-protein sandworm、
That reputation and rich in fat and nutritious!


3Large living room on the floor is reserved、Has joined the touring Maserati owners and start dinner!
If you prefer the familiar、And for the first time、First of all,、Each our solo introduction begins.


"The Don" 1950 Yen

In secret from the founding 100 years I too added sauce、The Kansai-style、
Peel up crisp during the plump grilled over an open fire。
Menu is rich in、"Broiled eel' , 'The Don"、"Good glare"Such as、
On a roll of delicious "The eel"Assortment can take from what it is.


After lunch、En route to the Rainbow line line、A green shrouded mountain just around the corner、Followed by a peaceful way.


Plum trees, the view point of Mikata No. 1-Guide to the Summit of Mt. "Mikata goko Rainbow line"The、
From the Mihama SADA、Would be 11.2 km long linking Wakasa seamount Mt. length plum tourist road。

[Tolls] 1040 yen (General Motors)


On the way to the Summit、You can enjoy views of the Japan Sea and the surrounding mountains!


"Mikata goko Rainbow line Mountain Park"The first arriving at the parking lot!
Spacious and、Spacious secured parking space、Free admission is possible accommodate up to 400.

[Hours of operation:8:30~ 16:30: * Closed、Depending on time。


"Rainbow line Mountain Park"The、360Spread over the degreesMikataThe beautiful Panorama Mountain Park。
2005Registered in the Ramsar Convention in the years、Over the years, various flowers are in full bloom、Heal those who visit。
There are places, such as lover's sanctuary and the rose garden in the extensive grounds。
"Rainbow line Mountain Park"To the head、Take a head to ride about 2 minutes lift or cable。

[Mountain Park entrance fees adults 800 yen] (Lift cable included)


MikataNoke-burka--and lift has a cute child Tanuki。
Its name is "Tom nook Lord”Square nishimatabee”"。

Lord Tom nook corner crew enjoyed folk tales
From the old foot Rainbow line (Umeda-Dake) is a traditional fishing village (hyuga) talk。
It's been handed down to the current、A warm contact with the villagers、And ties、We were told。
"Square nishimatabee"The、Procession with love、Deceive villagers mean a little annoying was the raccoon dog、
The fishermen out to sea to catch fish、When you catch a fish、Square nishimatabee"To teach、It became a wonder and big catch。
Also、That the typhoons in the rough sea、Previously taught、It is very nice。
The villagers do seeSquare nishimatabee"I loved。
From the day、You love this raccoon "Lord Tom nook corner nishimatabee"And it went on to call。


The lower valleys studdedMikata Lake、Suigetsu Lake、Kan Lake、Lake、Sun LakesOf
5One felt the delicacy is the difference in colour is a Lake、
In a breathtakingly beautiful、Mystique and even feel。
Understand the difference from 11.2 km Rainbow line (toll road)、
Guests can enjoy the dynamic landscape of lakes and the Japan Sea.


"After a long time child Lake (kugushiko).
7.10 km / 2.5 m maximum depth 1.40 km 2。
This Lake is、Has become a long Lake to the North and South、
Because that little tangent to the sea at high tide and regurgitates seawater from the Japan Sea、Will the salt water。
Also here is no. 13 times Fukui national polity held in 0/1968.、
Mihama town regatta(Every year)、Adult Championship、
National Junior Tournament boat(10Annual continuation)Such as the rowing venue。

Hiruga Lake
4.0 km / 38.5 m maximum depth 0.92 km 2。
This Lake is、Lake connected to the Japan Sea、Complete saltwater lake in the only sea fish、
Black sea bream、Bora、捕remasu, sardines。
Also hamachi、Puffer fish、Are used as fish farms, Thailand。
Fishing also available、You can enjoy fishing。

Mikata Lake
Around 9.6 km, maximum depth of 5.8 m / 3.58 km 2。
This Lake is、Is only one fully freshwater lake in the five lakes of Mikata。
CARP、Crucian carp、Moloko、Shrimp、Pond smelt hypomesus olidus、捕remasu eel。
From winter to spring、Traditional fishing methods ' bashing net fishing "will be。
Also、Reed、The water chestnut and other aquatic and Wetland Habitat。

Suigetsu Lake
10.80 km / maximum depth 34.0 m / 4.18 km 2。
This Lake is the largest lakes in、In Lake Mikata and Setoguchi、Tied with moat Urami River and Lake、
Hiruga Lake is connected to in the saga-tunnel。Is a brackish water lake in half and half salt water and fresh water。

Suga Lake
4.2 km, maximum depth of 13.0 m / area 0.91 km2。
This Lake is the smallest Lake lakes in、Is the same Lake Suigetsu brackish-water Lake。
The surrounding area offers、White-tailed eagle、Steller's Sea Eagle、Lots of birds including waterfowl observed。


After enjoying the fresh air and scenery、The vehicles in the parking lot side by side photo!
The old and the new Maserati total 12 units together!


Maserati owners and photos!


After the commemorative photo、Sun Lakes along "Mikata goko Rainbow line"Down、
Mihama town street、Towards Tsuruga city.


The final destination、Located in Suruga, "Japan Sea fish city"To arrive!
Here each shop you find、And freedom disbanded.


Of Fukui and Tsuruga "Japan Sea fish city"The、
Tsuruga local fishery industry by focusing on Hanoi 70 stores too、Japan's largest sea fish market。
Tsuruga Port seafood fresh fish shops, fish processing shops、Kelp、Dainty、And 50 shops including sweets Shoppe、
It is a bowl, sushi, grilled mackerel, specialty stores, 15 dining restaurant lined with huge market!
In the Hall、Atmosphere of the old leave、Dashing she heard、Is filled with vibrant!


Play the dashing good cheer!


Lined up in crab!


Show off your Planer shavings tangle!


"Japan Sea fish city"The commemorative photo at the parking lot!

While projecting the sky dark, tall、"Maserati autumn excursion in Fukui"The party now safely。
"Maserati Nagoya"In our、And Maserati owners、Thank you very much!

2016Also, please and thank you!

Maserati Nagoya

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