Maserati 3200 GT touring Gifu County above to view autumn leaves about lunch Boomerang photo


Deep autumn season、In the middle of the 3 holidays overlooking the high skies201411 / 23 (Sun)。During the best weather to、Maserati 3200 GTThe ownerNagaya, HiroyukiIs it sponsored by "Maserati 3200 GT touring Gifu County on"Was held。The meeting place、Nagara SA。The participants of this、Nagoya、Gifu、Fukui、Kyoto、Osaka、From the Central and Shiga in the Kansai region there、主催者である長屋さんとは切っても切れない赤い糸で結べれていたようで(笑)わたし達も浜松から急遽参加させていただくこととなりました♪


Maserati 3200 GTThe、1998 yearFrom2001 yearまで生産されたスポーツクーペでデザインはギブリボーラメラク等マセラティの名車を幾つも手掛けたNikkormatAre responsible for。Its body is、Draw a smooth curve、Luxury and possess a feminine element car.。This time the、Bianco white Victor Massé-CHAN got four together, and participate more! This is stunning!


This time the、3200GT owner riding and also maseratighibli and Maserati Coupe owners '、And Maserati while you have the time touring, repair that is issued to the owner who、Ferrari 575 M and BMW6、Alfa Romeo GTV and Fiat Coupe、Became a rich vibrant variations and people who will participate in it, such as when touring.


3200GTThe feature is、BoomerangAnd is nicknamed the distinctive LED taillights。That appeared at that time was pros and cons、The Giugiaro Design、Initially nothing to oval tail lights"Strong personality you want!"Completed in the form reluctantly taking the strong requests from the Maserati says?。But it seems had been professed as Giugiaro himself he doesn't like too much、Consequently this tail lights are3200GTIt is recognized as the greatest feature。I also home white Victor Massé-Chan I's favorite is this butt (lol)


Organizers:Mr. Shigeyuki tenement house


MaseratiOfEmblemThe、Emblem of the historic town of Bologna"Spear of the three-pronged god Neptune of the sea"It is designed。 MaseratiThe、1914 yearToAlfieri MaseratiBy the established、This year2014 yearThe founding100AnniversaryCelebrated。As a result、This year all over the world.100th anniversary of MaseratiHas hosted a number of events celebrating the。Next week11September 30 (days).ToladeHamamatsu City to produce the scheduledMASERATI DAY in HAMAMATSUAlso is the one。More cars, more than 40、Hamamatsu City, driving Maserati of such vehicles is breathtaking!→ No. 2 Tomei's Hamamatsu SA smart inter Sheng miyakoda we → → Sumiyoshi bypass bypass takabayashi → Yuri Wood Street, (exhibited at the ARTFORME mansion Gallery next to metered parking).Driving directions and so、Near you in better not miss!


Maserati centenary event"100th anniversary commemorative relay Maserati Centennial road'In the met "KYB co., Ltd."ofHisato imaedaAnd I also as bar representative for Nagoya men's maseratighibli II., participated。Hat、Watch、Accessories such as bags from fashion、In total coordination of Maserati affixed one (lol) maseko in poses of so use the original bags are so easy and cool is good.


Is congestion.、But I was late meeting time、Alright everyone is assembled, start touring。Ltd. Daiwa I.CThan take the Tokai Hokuriku Expressway、Driving up to the lunch places have DuPage、I enjoy the drive gracefully to late 無検挙.











French restaurant located in Gifu Prefecture, gujo, Yamato town Maki "Momo shorebird"And I'm on arrival。This lunch room。The shop nameMomo shorebirdTheSee various birds Tweet together'Our means、Secret expresses in birds has been named。In France three-star restaurant 知ri抜ita local produce-loaded training、You can enjoy the real France cuisine prepared by a local chef.


Shop all surface glass


One big table.


Salad of lobster and turnip




Burdock cappuccino


Steak of beef with garlic






Backyard water leaves


After you enjoyed with your meal、Their return here for everyone with a photo shot。At the next destinationJapan endured the middle CenterAim、National Highway No. 156 line (commonly known as:Wild) run、Views of the great mountains of Gifu enjoy touring in the background.





Japan endured the middle Center






A giant Sundial, Mo I had"Japan endured the middle Center"Minami village in Gifu PrefectureThe、2000 yearUntil the 20 years of Japan's populationCentralHad been。It is now moved to Mugi town next to the town was for many years in the middle of Japan。As the PR policy1997 yearIn is made of this 'Japan endured the middle Center"It seems to。And very free on Sundays though、Because the location is the best、Location is ideal for the car collection and photo (spot) and it seems! You guys、I enjoy shooting to、Evening I became free dissolved here!


Beautiful sunsets! The best touring weather! Attend our、See you again!

Restaurant Momo shorebird
RI field Museum in Gifu Prefecture gujo, Yamato town Maki 912-1 expresses
Toll free:0120-801-088TEL:0575-88-4693(Teen)
Hours of operation 10:00-21:00
Lunch time 11:00-14:00(Last order) tea time 14:00-17:30
Dinner time 17:30-20:00(Last order) * dinner reservations.
* Winter 11 ~ March ~ 19:00(Last order) closed:On Tuesday

912 -1 Maki Yamato town gujo, Gifu Prefecture

Japan endured the middle Center

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