"Maserati Nagoya Inter Store" Showroom with Maserati's latest CI opens!

Maserati's authorized dealerMaserati Nagoya SakurayamaMoved to Meito-ku, Nagoya City、2021On Saturday, April 17, 2010, the largest showroom in JapanMaserati Nagoya InterIt is grandly opened as!

The new store is close to the Nagoya Interchange on the Tomei Expressway.、It can be accessed from various directions in the Tokai region, including Nagoya、The latest maserati models full of personality in an elegant atmosphere are on display!

The building is four stories high.、We boast one of the largest Maserati showrooms in Japan!
In the elegant new car showroom that has been greatly expanded、Ghibli and Levante、Many of the latest models such as Quattroporte are on display、You can see each in a spacious space。

1In the showroom on the 1st floor, business meeting spaces are set up in each place.、2At the service factory on the 1st floor, a professional service technician certified by MASERATI S.p.A in Italy will support the owner Maserati Life.。

A "configuration area" with a variety of Maserati models such as interior leather and wood panels is also installed.、We propose Maserati that can respond to the detailed wishes of the owner and is particular about it!

This day is a special exhibition to commemorate the opening、5Because the Gran Turismo "Bora", maserati's first midship sports car announced in 1971, was on display for a limited time until Sunday, June 16、I was lucky e ago to see it!

Previous、Yamaha Resort Co., Ltd. is holding a commemorative owners' meeting "Maserati Day 2014" to commemorate the 21st anniversary of maserati club of Japan.Katsuragi kitanomaru ParkSince I saw it when I participated in the two-day event held at。

The club meeting in the "Maserati Day 2014" nationwide than Maserati owners gathered Katsuragi Kitanomaru!

"Bora" owned by Maserati Club of Japan President Shin-Koshiko

"Maserati Day 2014" sack → parade run old and new Maserati to sail fast between Hamamatsu

Maserati's first midship、Bolla celebrates its 50th anniversary。
Bolla made her debut at the Geneva Motor Show on March 11, 1971.、According to Maserati, Bola was produced until 1978、564that the two were manufactured.。The name of the car is northeastern Italy.、It means "Bora", a strong wind blowing in the Trieste region!

At that time、In response to the trend that revolutionized F1 racing cars、2The boater coupe's bola、Giulio Alfielli is in charge of engineering design.、Georget Giugiaro is in charge of aerodynamics and styling。

While the maximum speed exceeds 280km / h、The engine's agile response and quiet interior space、Rated as both comfort and performance。

1970dominated the world in the 1980s、Simple elegant line of accepted streamlined、It continues to attract many Maserati fans!

Lounge space with an elegant atmosphere suitable for luxury sports brands。
It adopts the sofa of the latest model of the furniture brand Zanotta (Zanotta) which represents Italy、It is comfortable!

Have a cup of coffee here、A chat with Kazuhiro Koji, sales manager。
Mr. Koji is a veteran salesman who has been engaged in Maserati for 35 years since he was originally engaged in "Watanabe Motor" for a long time!

There is also a lineup of new cars on the 4th floor of the top floor!
It is said that it is raised and lowered using an elevator dedicated to each car.。

More than 30 selected certified used cars that meet strict quality standards are always on display on the 3rd floor.。

1984The Royal Edition, a limited edition car inspired by the Quattroporte Royal released in 2008, has been available at maserati dealers nationwide.、This Royal Edition、Limited to 25 units nationwide in three models of "Ghibli Royal" "Levante Royal" "Quattroporte Royal"!

This is one of the five units limited to japan [Quattroporte S Gran Russo] (right hand drive only)、It will be a very rare model in Japan。

Exterior becomes a special position、The interior finished with nappa leather "Perretessuta" developed by Hermenezild Zenia is elegantly dressed!

Finally, take a commemorative photo with sales manager Kazuhiro Koji in front of the special exhibition car Bora!
Mr. Koji、Thank you very much!

Maserati Nagoya Interchange
Location:2-242 Kamisha, Meito-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00
Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

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