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"Grand Hotel" Hotel to tell the towering Chinese traditional arts beauty in the middle of the Yuanshan



Utilizing the Taiwan Shrine of the site, which was built in the Yuanshan to the Japanese colonial era、
"Taiwan hotel"As was established in the year 1952、
After that "The Grand Hotel"As Taipei landmark and、
Become a 5 star of various famous people visit the great history、
Taipei's leading hotel。
Imperial high on the hillside of the Grand Hotel、Forward to Keelung River、Behind the Yang Ming mountain、
East of Matsuyama area、And a luxurious atmosphere in a palatial building overlooking the city of freshwater West 14-story inimitably、
Looks particularly eye-catching red intact in 2013-2014,
Significantly renewed rooms、Have peeped in a new appeal.


Phalaenopsis flowers greeted with a gorgeous lobby、
Same red pillars and Golden tiles a high look and comb、A classic ambience with pomp and circumstance。
The architects worked on the design of the hotelYang Cho-chengThe、
"National Palace Museum' , 'National in the positive Quaternary Hall"As children and are involved、
Dragon and lion、By using a plum blossom design、
In the number of Dragon、Number of what 220000 cats and "Dragon Palace"It is commonly called.
And even look up at the ceiling caisson ceiling crafted、The five Dragons of the Central "Wufu Rinku gate"Represents the、
"Long life、Wealth、health and peace、
how to load、no regret at death"Means that。
For good luck and other gimmicks、Will be worth watching as fortune up decorations!


Grand HotelOf which is located on the right side of the Hall "Yuan-Yuan Restaurant"Now、
Provided River specialty cuisine tastes milder and Northern style dim sum!


In the airy interior has high ceilings, Chinese-style lanterns hanging、
Space provides the round table.


Hotel and Central Asia at the Taipei-based Taiwan people、
Has been working as a gourmet critic "Eagle"To tell you about、
Of the Vice PresidentMiki PongMs. link you received will greetings!
MikiAnd it is in very fluent Japan language and helpful!
And had been present "Chinese people Guo Jing Kevin cultural creativity Institute"
Manager DirectorJuno WangAlso received will greetings!


"Yuan-Yuan Restaurant"The Chef isChuan-I WangWell greetings!


FriendsVanessa KaoEnclose the、Will dinner in the luxurious Chinese food!


Marinated Tomatoes
Pickled pumpkin and passion fruit
Entrée such as Chirimen


Deep fried shrimp
Deep Fried Prawn
(Oil explosion live shrimp)


Stewed with Chinese Yam and Ginkgo biloba
Brised Yam and Ginkgo
(White fruit mountain President)


King chef's dish
Resemble a carp dish


Skin no longer was thick with dust
A juicier


Tempo law
Duble Stewed Pork Chank
(Dongpo pork)



Yangzhou fried rice


Shrimp and chive fried dumplings


Loved Mrs. Chiang Kai-shek with signature red bean cake


And food within the time limited these days、Too much time without、
We would regret has become a hectic dinner。
The next time、Fine crafted and elegantly over time、
Because I think that If you slowly look to Maware a look at the hotel while、
Also I think that If you hear about a look at the fold♪

The Grand Hotel
Location:No.1, Sec. 4, Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan Dist., Taipei

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Enjoy a traditional nigiri "sushi Fujimori" Edo-style and Japanese-based
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