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"Chunyu" Zhejiang cuisine dinner with hidden new possibilities while overlooking the stunning garden



Hideaway is nestled quietly in the freshwater restaurant "Chunyu"。
Of the ownerTomBut"Zen"The image、Waging a world of thrust in all aspects of Japanese style、
Admiring nature、In order to open a dream of relaxing in mind enjoying the meal in restaurant、
In the premises of approximately 1500 square meters 10 years after、It will be finally reached completion in 4/2012 Castle。
The main dining room, such as Noh stage、
To light、Overlooking the Japanese garden、Would be to spend a quiet time and place。
Here you will、Also a tea masterTomBrewed tea、
For my wifeEmilyBegin to make、Zhejiang cuisine new potential it offers.


Will rest on the back of the stagebuddhWatch from a benevolent smile。


Every flower, branch arrangement of what is allTomHas been handled、
Feel the strength of the life force from a bold sense of kibana blooming in the field and arranging.


Provides shaded seating and four table seats for six people in the main dining room、
Will be space that can accommodate about 30 people in all。
Are available in private events, etc.


Of the ownerTomAnd good fellowship of the deepVanessa KaoAnd
Gourmet critic active in Central Asia "Eagle"With that dinner meeting!


"Château Cambon Cuvée Pays D’Herault 2010" France Rhone

Many people in Taiwan from the beginning of the meal is preferred red wine、
In Japan "is first of all a toast with beer! "That is not always the case。
This time starts slowly in red wine.


"Smoked fish、Frost-sea "、Style selected thigh West serikawa、Open stomach Wong melon.
(Smoked fish、Aspic of sea cucumber、Celery flavor of fried chicken、Cucumber sunomono)

Bass said that Zhejiang cuisine、4 captures many elements of the Japan food than Chinese food appetizers.。
What flavor is delicate、Is happy about anything in our elegant sense of size.


"Shepherd's purse ravioli"
(Shepherd's purse wonton)

Brassica capsella Bursa-pastoris (Shepherd & # 8217s; s purse) stuffed wonton soup。
And capsella Bursa-pastoris、In the herb is known as one of the spring in Japan、
The delivery contains potassium and saponins、Diuretic, improves constipation help、
Would herbs and Rehydrating effect, suitable for dieting。
Along with the light of capsella Bursa-pastoris feel gentle sweetness during the bitter flavor of soup tastes!


"Other bean Ming shrimp"
(Broad-bean shrimp sauce)

Tender sautéed shrimp texture、Colorful bean sauce。
Add Greens and Lily、Enjoy the spring attire.
(* I visited is 4/2016)


"Gentian stone sesame oil ban"
(Giant grouper Sesame flavor)

And the Dragon Braised stone plaques (giant grouper) is a type of Grouper for export overseas、
Grouper in Pingtung County East of are produced in large quantities in Taiwan farming,。
Plump and wearing thick the grouper's elasticity be characterized by greasy taste、
Enjoy the aroma of spicy Sesame broth!


"Fruit smoothies"
(Fruit smoothies)

The palate freshener (granite) and a Taiwan fruit Smoothie!


"Braised Beef Brisket"
(Beef shoulder rib stewed with radish)

Stewed with radishes shoulder rib behind the front hip's beef dish。
Rib, shoulder rib candid are light and have less fat、
In the soft ones and enjoy!

"Incense Chinese organic vegetable rice"
(Organic vegetables and mushroom risotto)

Fragrant with plenty of organic vegetables and shiitake mushroom risotto、
Guests can enjoy a light taste tender and flavorful!


"Grilled roast chestnuts child row Sakura"
(Teriyaki pork spare ribs with chestnuts)

Can't eat beefVanessa KaoThe、
The main dish has turned into pork spare ribs。
The spare ribs with chestnuts was burning slowly、
Better shine and finish、Served with cilantro and sliced almond accents。
Vegetables served with boiled broccoli.。
Chestnuts are served soggy and the texture and sweetness.


"Brown chicken soup"
(Rice chicken soup)

Thick white soup、Align the nutritious Brown rice chicken、
Vitamins、Mineral、In healthy soups are rich in dietary fiber、
Very gently Shimiwatari delicious to stomach ♪


"Stewed white fungus jujube"
(Compote of white fungus and jujube)

Taiwan's "silver ear (white fungus)" of the desserts the good eyes。
White fungus in ancient China、And is used as a high-quality ingredients and medicinal、
"White jellyfish polysaccharide" is as an ingredient、
Said it has more than cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid hyaluronic、
Dry skin and wrinkles、Slack、That could be expected to improvements such as staining, prevention and。
White mushroom in China as skin food very popular more、
In addition also jujube、At least one fruit returned at least 5 fruits in China、In General in Asia、
Sensitivity to cold、Anemia、Insomnia、Improve the immune system、Has been good in nutrition, etc.。
Eating a beautiful dessert!、Women for as long as I'm happy!
Also sweet as yaki-Niku、Ideal for dessert!


Finish a meal by the time ownersTomMe out and show me around the hotel。
Next in line、Private space to introduce all at once from the tea.

Address:No. 36 Tamsui District,New Taipei City
TEL:02-2626-6699(Appointment only)

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"Chunyu" Quiet hideaway restaurant feel the mind of Zen in the mountains of Danshuei "Chunyu" Spend time spiritually rich in the world view of the sum that hobbyists create
"Chunyu" Quiet hideaway restaurant feel the mind of Zen in the mountains of Danshuei
"Chunyu" Spend time spiritually rich in the world view of the sum that hobbyists create


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