"Taipei Marriott Hotel" Dinner meeting at "Mark's Teppanyaki"


TaipeiIn the most developed, which has developed "Neihu area"And called large or district、
New soft-opened in the summer of 2015 "Taipei Marriott Hotel"The、
Buffet-style restaurant、Teppan-yaki restaurant, etc.
Offers five restaurants & bars。
This is traditional Japan cuisine、Chinese cuisine、Element of Western dishes skillfully
The Teppanyaki authentic new style hotel on the second floor "Mark’s Teppanyaki"。
This time the、Of the Managing DirectorMark LiuThe inviting、
Will be frucorthdaynermeeting and friends!


ChefLin-Chin KaiIn the us working on cooking、
First of all is in the champagne toast!


Mantis shrimp、Sea bream、Small cabbage、Clam、Abalone、Hits of today, such as crab meat ingredients.


ChefLin-Chin KaiStart and sauteed scallops and、Smell of、
The sound effects on the high-temperature steel、Whets the appetite.


"Abalone、Scallop、Squid sauteed seafood saffron broth"

Be a thick soup made fresh seafood and saffron sauce、
Abalone、Scallop、Squid sauteed and served with、There are filling!


The sommelierRaymond NienResponsible for、The smart serve、
Will Italy Puglia light Rosé!


"2014 Rivera Castel del Monte Rose" Italy Puglia

Grape varieties:Using the Bombino Nero (Bambino and Nero)
Italy, Puglia, Rivera's fresh & fruity Rosé.。
Rivera,、Castell del montewine pioneer Winery。
In a lovely deep rose、Cherry and raspberry fresh & fruity fragrance、
Acid was clearly felt.、Enjoy the freshness of the、Just a light fruit flavor with presence
It is delicious and easy to drink without having to interfere with food in dry and clean!


"Mantis shrimp and Red Snapper sautéed with small cabbage with Horseradish and honey sauce"

Mantis shrimp and Red Snapper baked crispy surface、Keep moist and plump texture in。
Small cabbage and sweet condensed by sautéing the drawn!
Served with pasta、Mixed with honey Wasabi sauce.


"Clos Fantine La Lanterne Rouge" France Languedoc

Located in the South of France Faugères (forger)
The Domaine Clos Fantine、Still charge and fields some 30s Andrew House's older brother, Olivier、
His sister, Corinne brewing up、While Carol and General Affairs and support two、
My father's joint.、Brother sister hits the third generation as the grape growers.。
Field、Without having to use chemicals are brewing、Practicing biodynamic farming methods。
Grape varieties:50% Cinsault、In local varieties of Aramon 50%、
Attack makes you feel the strength to more than 100 years old、The scent of flowers and citrus fruits
Join a unique spice、Soft tannins、Guests can enjoy the natural terroir taste.


"Plum red wine sauce"

Boil plums in red wine、Feels thick and rich and sweet、
Must be accompanied by strong plums in sweet accents。
Fig and tomato、Served with sliced radishes、Enjoy fresh feeling!


And ago the sumptuous King crab、We found entertaining performance?
The Red King crab on the salt、Make wishes true seaweed, steam and、
A hearty dish done while moving a true seaweed!


Luxurious ingredients! King crab!


A veritable tangle with the net steam!


Absorb the flavor of the salt and a veritable tangle!


King crab steamed off the shells carefully and、Plump steamed up.、Red King crab as soon as there is!


"Veritable tangle of crab steamed spinach"

The finish of the crab gently smells a veritable tangle、Amazing fluffy texture and reduced、
Mouth melt better、To incite anorexia and concentrated flavor、Is delicious ♪ (unified.)


"The Georges de Latour Private 1979 Beaulieu Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve" California Napa Valley

Commonly used in the Beaujolais Nouveau grape varieties:Were charged with Gamay
California-Napa Valley red wine。
The year of 1979、Mark LiuThe is to be a born birthday wine!
Rich dark Cherry and plum、Aromas of cinnamon and Berry、
Tinge of complex spice、So enjoy good tannins and a long finish.


"With 5 years of aging Parmesan cheese on baguette"

5 years of aging give off the aroma of Parmesan cheese on the plate savory grilled strips、
As thin as the robe cloth to finish、Must be accompanied by baguette。
Prefer aroma through the nose、Ideal for focused wine.


Of Australia from the WAGYU Filet Mignon!
TaiwanNow、Can't eat beef in Japan is due to import restrictions for、
WAGYU from America or Australia produced is very popular.


Savory baked at high temperature surface、Will be finished by the medium-rare!


"Australia WAGYU fillet steak"

With a crispy surface finish、These color medium rare, during the。
To feel the flavor of the meat without sauce、
A simple seaweed salt.、Wasabi、Garlic slice、Will be served with a Parmesan cheese to your liking.


"2012 CONTINUUM PROPRIETARY" California Napa Valley

There is increased at the California wine world-recognized guru、
Successful establishment of Opus one with Chateau Mouton Rothschild
A legendary figure known as the "father of California wine.、The late Robert Mondavi。
Continuum estate is the second son of Robert.、
Opus one、Over nearly 30 years by the Robert Mondavi Winery.、
And Tim Mondavi was responsible for brewing、The winery was founded in 2005 by sister Marcia Ms。
They know the Napa Valley、As a culmination
Desire pouch found in the world's finest wines single vineyard wines are of under and gather、
In Latin, "continues、Inheritance ' of the continuum with the mind,、
Do with inherited spirits of Robert wine、100In the years Mondavi family history
Would love to spend just 1 bottle of red wine。
Grape blend ratio、Cabernet Sauvignon 66%、21% Cabernet franc、9 percent Petit Verdot、4% Merlot。
Black bouquet and Cassis fruit、Fragrant aromas of violets is complex.、
Smooth and powerful structure and perfectly with rich fruit flavor、
Guests can enjoy a sensual taste tinge of complex.


"Ginger Soup with garlic rice with clams"

Finish the meal、And the fragrant garlic rice
Becomes a hot body I can't believe my clam broth from Ginger Soup.


Provides a steaming foil to accompany meals.


"Seasonal vegetables steamed in foil"

To taste、Brought out the sweetness of the vegetable dish。
Young corn、Mushroom、Cauliflower、Mountain, Suzhou (SANZAR)。


"Sauté fresh prawn with wild mushrooms and spicy chorizos butter sauce"

This is on the first floor restaurant "Garden Kitchen"The additional order of the food。
Marinated shrimp and wild mushrooms with spicychorizor
In the Butte South、Tangy and spicy snack is!


Finish the meal ends with a simple garlic rice do I、
Taiwan styleThe US made with garlic fried rice.


"Garlic fried rice"

Unlike garlic rice offers the teppan-yaki in Japan、
Using eggsTaiwan styleThe finish of the fried rice and。
Fluffy egg texture joined tahin、
Enjoy tastefully finished to flip through deep fried!


"Glenfarclas 25" United Kingdom Scotland

To accompany dessert、With single malt whiskey!
Glenfarclas 25 years of high-quality Belgium dark chocolate aftertaste that characterized。
Oranges and marmalade、Honey、Coffee、Nuts、Pete balanced fragrance launch、
Enjoy a profound and powerful taste、Perfect for dessert!


The Chef who owns the tableLin-Chin KaiAnd
"Garden Kitchen"ChefVincent WengAlso sprinkled、Whiskey is toast!


Taiwan fruit jure sauce!


Cool fancy Strawberry dessert!


Hot coffee!


YUMIAnd I a while thank you for your help in interpreting、
Joy TungAnd Japan language course with the Chinese、1 language learning experience will do to each other。
Eat better、Good toast、Good drinking、Good laugh.、Satisfied both body and mind.

Last picture at all!

"Taipei Causeway" landlord very thanks!

Taipei Marriott Hotel
Location:No. 199, Lequn 2nd Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 8502 9999

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