"Chunyu" Quiet hideaway restaurant feel the mind of Zen in the mountains of Danshuei


Hideaway is nestled quietly in the freshwater restaurant "Chunyu"。
Taipei City's long-established Taiwan cuisine, Zhejiang restaurant "Fenghua small Museum (Fonhua)"The owner engaged inTomis、
Of your son'sDonaldTo be tasked with running the、
Was in his long-cherished dream "Zen"The image、
Waging a world of thrust in all aspects of Japanese style、
Admiring nature、In order to open a restaurant and relaxing in mind enjoying the meal、
In the premises of approximately 1500 square meters 10 years after、It will be finally reached completion in 4/2012 Castle。
Prior toTomAnd his wifeEmilyHousing of own dwelling house, has been with the restaurant、
Currently, Tom lived in Taipei City、
This is possible as advance reservation only restaurant and tea room.


Evenings, birthday、At the entrance began burning light、Welcomes in a moist and damp with dew Green。


Gaping emerges "Chunyu"The sign is、His wife to entertainEmilyOne wrote。
Is also effeminate feel tranquil surroundings、Is a masterstroke.


Japanese-style garden overlooking the main dining room of the restaurant and tea room。
Using the extensive grounds、TomCreate a Japanese-style garden and ideal to stroll。
There were swimming leisurely Koi pond、I feel the flow of loose!


Vanessa KaoDeep friendship with ownerTomHe introduced me to、Hi there greetings!
The white-hairedTomThe、Manner not necessarily soft、Enjoy quiet conversation with the warm-hearted gentleman!


Restaurant and tea room also includes a、
Also a tea masterTomI've heard and to demonstrate the tea!


Visit was a2016 April,It is also available、Exactly on the Wisteria trellis、Staff at the Wistaria flower in their full glory!


Staff tea-ceremony room


TomOf feelings not on the veranda of a garden while forget when、
Natural beauty and beauty brings the art of change for enjoyable.。
Next in line、For my wifeEmilyBegin to make、I think have potential new Zhejiang cuisine!

Address:No. 36 Tamsui District,New Taipei City
TEL:02-2626-66991(Appointment only)

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