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Gastronomic street in Ruifang Station nearby Jioufen is full of snacks of Taiwan specialty!



While enjoying a nostalgic town、"Jioufen"Representative ochaya 2 ladders and、
After a leisurely、Shuqi Road & Qingbian RdReturn to Piazza cross、
Still walking、"Grand Victoria Hotel"of
Sales Assistant ManagerKenji TakahashiAnd it's friends
The tour guideWang yongde mountain (commonly known as:Ms. Wang)The return to the original.


"Jioufen"ofShuqi RoadThe Let's go just down the stone stairs。
Will not go and up the steep stairs、Surrounding walls of the House, there is no railing。
Do take care and get off!


Wang at the door to protect the House as the rest-CHAN's appearance was two。
I'm relieved because Taiwan is not Japan as cold at night!


A Feral Cat?、A domestic cat?、Cats with pikuri no camera for。
Met sharp eye with a restless cat where cat in this town don't like!


In the automobile road stone stairsWangAnd it's waiting car and。
Convenience store "Hi-Life"The roof on、The object of the giant cat! (Lol)
Like Shibuya Hachiko、In the meeting place might be perfect!


WangAnd it's gets in the car、Return to Taipei City.


On the way、"Jioufen"Nearest"Ruifang Station"The most famous gastronomic city
"No. 2 Duke of zero-capital markets"Please introduce、Told through the street, stand in front。
Look in the back "Ruifang Station"The district"No. 2 Duke of zero-capital markets"The entrance is。
In the district、Pepper cake、Heat oil s. b. 糬、Yong Feng thigh、蚵 omelette、Braised beef noodle、Such as acid spicy noodles
A selection "Xiaochi"Carpe diem is ideal to know the Taiwan local food!


"Yong Feng thigh"And largely written signs"Zu Chong Zhi Fu generation / Masamune old shop"That is a stand。
"Yong Feng thigh"The、Northern Taiwan coastal fishing village becomes the cradle、Taiwan cuisine is its ingredients and how to make "Selected winding"From the coming。
"Yong Feng thigh"The origin is、Think the fishermen children nutrition、
Make the appearance resemble a chicken leg、Was born because her parents pushed their children willingly eat us "Xiaochi"It is。
"Yong Feng thigh"And after that"Xiaochi"The stalls in this area and also hotels、
The long-established 'AKAN Xia Yong Feng thigh"Is the most famous.


Listed in the fluffy "Yong Feng thigh"。
Use fresh fish.、Onion and cabbage、Carrot、Mix together pork legs, etc、
Wrapped with jowl oil NET、Fried over low heat slowly finish、Taiwan-cutlet with rich, is completed.。
1Book 10 TWD (Japan Yen:About 36 yen)And at rock-bottom prices! (Surprise)
In Japan "Fried fish cake"More soft fluffy in texture and delicious!


Take the high road、Go to Taipei City.


From the highway、
In the Lake area "Miramar"The large Ferris wheel and
Hotels like the Palace was lit up "Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei"
This suggests that dominates the beautiful!
Now、Next in line is the oldest historical Taipei is known as the city's first night "Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market" introduction!

Shizuoka Prefecture West Center packed with information on gourmet restaurants in Tokyo, Nagoya and overseas!
Food log version caches to currently provides information on gourmet restaurants in more than 700。
Events and cuisine photo WEB album
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Jioufen "Amei Teahouse" This teahouse that Aburaya of Yubaba is rumored to have become a model Near Lungshan Temple "Guangzhou Street Tourist Night Market" and "Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market" is Unusual shops packed!
Jioufen "Amei Teahouse" This teahouse that Aburaya of Yubaba is rumored to have become a model
Near Lungshan Temple "Guangzhou Street Tourist Night Market" and "Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market" is Unusual shops packed!



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