Jioufen "Amei Teahouse" This teahouse that Aburaya of Yubaba is rumored to have become a model


JioufenIn long-established tea House representativeShuqi RoadOf the road and situated on stairs、
The red lanterns on the tile roof of the tea a distinctive atmosphere"Amei Teahouse"The、
Once theGold factoryRenovating the playing。
Here you will、Not to mention enjoy tea time、It is possible to enjoy a meal。
GhibliFilm &Hayao MiyazakiCoach works "Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi"ofAburaya of YubabaThe rumoured to become a model、
For across the Board so the PR staff、Always be popular in the Studio Ghibli film fans and Japanese tourists.


"Amei Teahouse"And sign the PR so very easy to understand
At the entrance to large installed、
What tourists seeSo and so! This, right?!"And with the mouth stores can ask the State to be。
GhibliWe are denying full side、Aside from the facts、
From a storefront here "Aburaya of Yubaba"For there is no difference to the atmosphere of Oklahoma!


Stairs are installed to the entrance、Unleash a world a nostalgic rendition of the approach。
The mask lit the bearer、
It is Germany who purchased in Japan and surface collector。
Dubious in the mood、3In the lined faces and seeKaonashi"The mask and become a model rumored to be there、
Rewarding fun shop!


Shop、On the floor of the entrance hall and on its excellent、Equipped with table set made of bamboo。
Weather permitting、The rooftop terrace is better is also recommended、
Crowded hours、Passed to the vacant seat。
Near the entrance、And sold include tea and tea leaves grown in the home garden、
Ideal for souvenirs!


The top floor opens up the roof of the red and white、Roof with ya there are constant、
If blessed with the weather、Come enjoy outside seating!


Usually the、You can select from the menu、Tour and guide it's introduces the shop if it were、
1Per capita "A set of tea and tea cake"NT $ 300 (in Japan approximately $1170)Many cases are decided and。
It is possible to order different menus of course!
My "Grand Victoria Hotel"of
Sales Assistant ManagerKenji Takahashi.、
Grant Yoshino premixed ownerAnd his brotherAllow vertical growthWith in Exchange for introducing、
Click hereTea setWe will!


1The second cup、So will demonstrate in a smattering of Japan to explain stuff the right way、
The look, the way to。
2Serving tasty at pace from second cup you want to drink my。
Chashaku (茶匙), using the tea to、Put the tea pots、
Brown sea carrying a Brown discharge (strainer)、One for washing the tea leaves of roasting hot water immediately abandoned、
In the discarded water warms the sea Brown (pitcher)。
After warming the sea Brown (pitcher)、Discard the hot water dumped on the tea Board、Tea pots entrancing hot water again。
Taiwan tea offers several times in the same tea leaves、
1Cup murashi time is 20 seconds.、230 seconds from second cup、3First 50 seconds and will reach infuse.


From the Brown sea、Brewed to listen aroma (smell) poured Cup (moncouhei)、
Lower the top products turnabout Cup (cup of tea)。
While noting such 零sanu tea、Transfer products turnabout Cup (cup of tea), incense cups upside down、
Closer to the nose poured glasses emptied and listen to the scent!
(And * hearing the smell、Sniffing the scent)


Taiwan teaThe correct way to know、
While enjoying the delicious tea.、Loose cheeks. fun time smiled。
Here "Jadeite tea"In the、And soft Jasmine scent、There's fresh flavor in the aftertaste、
Fermentation、Fire roasting light for、And are used over Japan tea、It is preferred to be tested for the first time the Taiwan tea flavor。
Tea leaf left tell staff、They have small bags for take-away.


Set "Tea cake"The、
The Green Green beans 糕 (otocari) is、So soft, so fragile、Let's at hands。
Sweet pickled wearing a white powder that is、This original product is available for purchase。
Cut strips of baked goods is the Sesame rice crackers。
Wearing a kinako mochi、Is a kind of soft U.S. hemp 糬 at bracken.


TakahashiAnd I'm prettyJioufen Lover in、Another 100 times or more is coming! (Terrible)
Holiday and stay up late before in this way from night until early in the morning tea with friends while enjoying the、It is also greeted the morning sun!
At that time with friends here in、忙shina's daily、That seems to have been healed、
Know the beauty of the Sun and also would want to visit it!


Takahashi,Grant Yoshino premixed ownerThe younger brotherAllow vertical growthBeing got greeting and introduction for you、
The last、We make the article content!
When、Staff was responsible for the last day worked was、Could not meet.、
And the staff was just coming in、That he can be called.、
They were so glad the article!


In the lastAllow vertical growth.TakahashiMs. pictures we received! (Xie Xie! )
JioufenThe most popular tea shop "Amei Teahouse"In the、
You alsoJioufenThe please come enjoy the delicious tea with spectacular!

Amei Teahouse
Address:Kuei seocho Gu curse Yoshifumi SATO down Street 20,
Hours of operation:8:30~ 26:30(Make sure to shop)
Open every day

Kuei seocho Gu curse Yoshifumi SATO down Street 20,

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