Quiet streets lined historic remnants of Rui Fang station near Japan colonial period


Taiwan North Rui Fang (rifan)The development of the、Back to the light together years of late Qing dynasty。
Before the railway was opened to traffic、That was dominated by the waterKanna Pyeong-RIThe port is provided with、Been to Eastern Taiwan。
Rui FangHave accomplished remarkable development、Qing dynastyToRepublic and JioufenIn that gold was discovered。
The Rui Fang、Given the role as a supply base of the mine、Of the currentKanna RI (originally:Kanna Chai Ichinose)The
Lined with worker-friendly shopping goes gold、One of them, the name "Rui Fang"The room was。
In there、Gold mine workersKanna offspring torrentThe head thingGo to the Rui FangFrom that were described as
Is this area.Rui FangIs referred to as a。


Rui Fang ZhenThe、North to the East China Sea.、The West is based on Keelung、Futaba-GE's South、Surrounded by mountains in a location adjacent to the pingsi Iori
You will be near、The northeastern corner of the beautiful coastal and mountain views。
Seocho station (lifan Jun)The、Tourist trains and stop at strategic points in the North-link line、Flat-wireThe train is the train station here。
9SAICTo from Japanese tourists go to used this station.
On display inside the station counter Guide by Japan and Japan language interpreter is very convenient!


Rui FangThe cityscape、Japan colonial periodThe strongly maintains the look、Alleys and stairs will be built at the time of。


Kinjo's journey
Here is、And then use the Japan rule age monuments、Operated as an Inn。


Rui FangThe North train station、Gastronomy townAlso unlike the so-called eki Minami, quiet street。


On the side of an ancient brick buildingGenuine black hemp oilThe sign。
Old、Was the Sesame store。
Here is、Is the building of Taisho era。


Lin Fang Department
The ruins and buildings here have become、At that time、HayashiDid Rui Fang town's first dentist engaged in physician
Not currently in prototype、Has gone and ruined。


The entrance of the House、Chinese new year decorationsThe celebration is、In the right hand "Unread, (sheep)"Decorated elephant tag。


' Righteousness towards commercial line "
Rui Fang district and famous monuments in a coal mine companies three big Taiwan 'Righteousness towards commercial lines"。
With five siblings born to poor farmersLi Jian XINGMr. built by brothers partnership。
After the Taiwan restorationLi Jian XINGSaid person also become Mayor Rui Fang seems to。

Like thisRui FangOf the city、Instead of being limited to show only a bustling tourist destination、Go one step and
Now, though,、While retaining vestiges of Japan rule age or background、We exist as a good to know the history of the city。
To determine the relationship between Japan and Taiwan、Could know this scene
The local peopleTerryAnd I could only tour。
Now、Next in line、Used to be called as Northeast Asia 1Republic StreetTo and let's!

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