Nagoya hideaway Italian ' La vena del renno ' in 5 year anniversary celebration


1 in Nagoya、2Located in the most prestigious Italian ikeshita-Cho "Il Vecchio Moreno"Is it in training the young chef、Uchida YukiIndependent-Kun、2009March 5The wife in the confectionaryChieItalian made both open and seeLa vena del legno la vena del renno"Mr.。Yet the 35-year-old and、Our culinary passion and warmth of the couple together, young chef and his wife、Shop little hideaway。You want to feel the season is about how they、Most of the menu offers seasonal selection。Serving dishes in the sense only to the motto of our chef and his wife complete with marital discord plays。2014March 5In the opened exactly5AnniversaryBecause it will be、5Anniversary partyWill be held in、Participated in Hamamatsu.


5/14 "La vena del renno 5 anniversary party" 6 pm doors open:One drink and plate (fee: 2000 yen)


The number of participants of the day、had become the 30 participants in the events guide on Facebook、Of course、Because otherwise you、Will be off the table for buffet-style party。18When I arrived just prior to the opening of、In the kitchen、Wrestle hurriedly preparing dishes chef Uchida-Kun、His wife Chie-Chan staff help your friends it's while borrowing the hand、Party ready。Began to show his guests with the opening time will be and where to。Party membership dues alone as one drink and one plate with 2000 yen is.


Is the cheer of the heartfelt gratitude of Uchida and his wife are held with a toast.、Is a fun event party start!


"Girotondo Brut sparkling wine and non-alcoholic sparkling celebre'

So carrying a leg drive、And her husband is willing to endure in the non-alcoholic、I had been shrewdly。The maker、Cascina IL girotondo Lombardy Chardonnay、Pino Bianco、Is a blend of Pinot Nero.


2Drink from a cup、In the coin system。


One plate platter

Broad bean Frittata、Love bruschetta tomato farms in West city, Ishihara、Okinawa pork Terrine、Vegetable bagnafredda sauce、Hokkaido industrial gold makeup (potatoes) with a long-legged octopus salad、Homemade smoked salmon。


Pasta's standing may、Easier to eat、Yourself to be in easy-to-short pasta、You can choose from 3 varieties such as ragu and cream sauce。Also plate 1000 yen.


19Time after time、In the shop, the regulars as the frog。The population density is higher、Hot air there、It is crowded enough without periodic conditioning。The first、I was stuck with colleagues in the、Alcohol increases the momentum in、The environment can take to communicate and move around。Through renno、I love Italian commonBy having、Same taste each other、Can be refined soon。As you'd expect、Nagoya culinary members、And it's our celebrity beauty witch、Antenna for food is very high、Meetup at Hamamatsu theatrical, really enjoyed it! To a celebrity beauty witch legions of Nagoya, Hamamatsu、And high popularity has really taken to the shop to ask "IL CUCCIOLO IL cucciolo"Mr.、"Ice Bin-bin Shan Lee "Mr.、"La Boulangerie hemp and。"Mr.、"abondance abondance"With it, such as rose! So there still want to go to the Nagoya shop、Beautiful witch everyone please let me know ~!


Interior heat cold yaranu State、Even those who go outside and cool off chirahora。I am also a little cool down afterwards and out outside。Thanks to its really much better and whats taken fun communication。Renno's neighbour、The shop 號舖 a red wall、And now a free tenant、On this day、In landlord's is now open!


In the next empty store 號舖、"Mercian meeting"That because members of wine have around gathering table、You put in、Until the wine has become the feast ♪ happy happy day、Not have met here for the first time as very friendly people at you kind、Nice Sol overnight accidentally forget your way home too (lol).、It is also in opportunities.


Uchida and Chie-CHAN's personality quality with good pace party filled with pretty clumsy he breaks heart warm。6Also welcomed the first year、If this hot fans surrounded renno's is secure! Uchida-Kun、Chie-CHAN、5Congratulations on anniversary! And、But from this we carry your feet as a selfish、Been with us our relationship as we thank you (lol)、Thank you for the fun ♪ (thanks)

La vena del legno la vena del renno
Nagoya-Shi Showa-Ku maeyama-Cho 1-57, TEL:052-761-2870
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 18:00To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday、Third Tuesday、Thursday pm

Nagoya-Shi Showa-Ku maeyama town 1-57

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