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2000March 5The was established. "GARAKU"And it's main building、
Since it first opened"Art"、"Diet"、"Hot spring"Of combining、Draws attention to the ever in Japan called the buzz was not as。
"Hiding place"、"Rest"With the meaning "RETREAT retreats"Based on the concept、
Pursuing adult retreatCan be found here.


"Woman of the India series Requiem D / Forest 清納 "
"KAGAMI / Nakamura Takuo "
"Association of the white Ⅱ / Hiromi Itabashi "

Entrance hall greeted in the new building as well as a luxury art。


Main lobby

New building main lobby as well as a spacious window.、Jinzu RiverThe pureWaterAnd green filledTrees、And gracefulCherryThe pick-up。
The feeling of openness in the atrium lobby、Unlike the monotone of the annex、
Hits their free form sofa with unique and colorful hues.



Sweet homemade pastry selection and、Sticking to use at the hotel amenities、
ToyamaThe alcoholic's water and soil and specialty products、The original tea and coffee、GARAKUWho are fully stocked items selected。
ToyamaUnique in so brimming with souvenirs、Ideal for gifts!



Main lobbyIn the adjoining bakery offers、In the showcase in order cakes of the day、
Hassle free you can patissiermaid over the finished cake。
Reservations for birthday cake and candy work is possible.


Internet room

PC placed、Because you are connected to the Internet、Is available free to you there。
Study of the small space because、It seems very restless.


Cafe "Riviere" / bar "Millennium"

Jinzu RiverThe is surrounded by natural environment and the seasons、The warm sunlight while feeling the hardball、Recommended that you spend an elegant tea time。
During the dayCafeAs、15oclockStaying guests onlySelf CafeAsFreeIn the you can relax while enjoying the tea。
Alcohol (charges apply)Also placed on、Click here to drink before the dinner here!


Riverside terrace

In the peaceful views of the mountains and rivers of the far、Place to rest our mind feeling a good breeze。
Cafe 'Riviere"More tea to carry、CherryCould spend tea overlooking the spacious!


The nature and、Over time with different faces。


3Floor corridor


On the landing side、In the home of KanazawaNakamura TakuoAnd I of and filled with works of breathtaking scenery。
Shade of light projected due to its concave shape and、Reflects beautifully ornate pattern burned into the pottery、
Crowded as the best place for taking pictures!


Tea-ceremony room

In the main building、This tearoom selfless Iori、Bow seat see Wei, hotels.The tea for two、It is possible to take advantage of the tea party。
Your tea (charges apply)Also because、Foreign visitors, including very popular it seems.

Tea House atmosphere of selflessness Iori

A traditional teahouse Wabi spirit is felt everywhere "Selfless Iori (mushiann)"。
Throw away the decorations and treat、Simple, frugal, and attain appearance is also nice!


Ritsu tearoom "Wei, hotels' entrance

ArchitectIn the Naito (naitouhiroshi)Naked black concrete, such as rough rock with the idea。
Is that far out of it is also novel.


A modern bow seat Takashi Kunihiro hotels (gihoukenn)

Weak legs knee elderly and foreigners not to sit in seiza、Click hereRitsu tearoomIs so popular。


"Avant-garde local cuisine restaurant Revo L ' évo"

Previous、Hotels in French "Server"The、2014March 5To seeLévo"As has been relaunched。
GenuineChishoAim、Owner-chefEiji TaniguchiWho are themselves、
Make the vegetables together with the producer、Picking edible wild plants、Or go to fetch water from wells and、
Ingredients in Toyama、Unconventional is a revolutionary food provided。
Also、Well the latest gastronomy、Is being pursued now combines the boldness and delicacy ever taste cuisine。
Here for dinner "Lévo"So I have a reservation、We will later introduce。

The next time、Is the introduction of the newly renovated main building rooms.

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56-2 Kasuga, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture TEL:076-467-5550

56-2 Kasuga, Toyama-Shi, Toyama Prefecture

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