"Revo ya Yue Kutchan" Toyama's charms! French Supreme awakening the senses

Resort hotels in Toyama "River retreat ya Yue Kutchan River Retreat Garaku"The main building b1f avant-garde local cuisine"Revo L’evo」にてディナータイム!

Before entering the restaurant together in the Cafe、In the sparkling wine "Maserati Nagoya"Of the involvement in our development and our prosperity, wishes cheers!

On its feet down in the hotel basement 1F、3Enjoy an elegant dinner party, divided into tables!


Owner-chef aiming for local ingredients and a thoroughEiji Taniguchi (Eiji Taniguchi)Mr. a、Important to the producer's voice、Fully utilizing the power of the ingredients produced because of Toyama、Also、To breathe life into the writers work that represents a Toyama、With 1 plate 1 plate to be topped、It provides a revolutionary food you can feel with all five senses "Toyama" anyone of visitors!

Active in the Toyama YaoShimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo)Mr. and Mrs. Unit writer "Shimoo Design"On withdrawal of order tables involved、Has quietly slipped into the screen in the "your shinagaki"、6That second generationMs. Noriko Matsui (Norio Matsui)Chan tradition "Matsui textile co., Ltd."The Toyama specialty maker" barge silk "becomes a delicate beautiful menu、Change colors according to the seasons! Hans Monderman fresh light green!

Wine shop at Suzuka would recommend 'Maserati Nagoya"on this day"Vinateria Tal youth"By bringing in the wines we select in advance and、White wine France ' Meursault Cuvee Selectionee / Domaine Latour Giraud Meursault selection / Latour Giraud 2013.。

Red wine France ' Marsannay Les Longerois Domaine Coillot / Marsannay Les longjurova 2015 Domaine Cowell 2015 "cooking to suit!

The story of the Revo begins here!
They were artistic 5-appetizers、As the title、This is only the beginning!

(1) shrimp shrimp and tapioca combined with herbs, served with shrimp and glutinous rice cracker。
Instrument:Shimoo design (saki)

(2) using the Kurobe goat cheese Guyer。

(3) all my hardships red beet meringue mousse。
Instrument:Nousaku and Shimoo design collaboration with dish (pinhole)

(4) mackerel Rillettes with Sesame during Yao's。
Instrument:Syouryu(すずがみ / Shimatani Yoshinori (Shimatani Yoshinori)"

(5) with edible acanthopanax。

"Shinminato nerves tightened mouth x generator:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)(New) "
A fresh mouth tightened nerves fishermen on board the shinminato
Lightly marinated and、3Align the kind of onion、Daoism in Toyama houjicha tea leaves, served with caviar!

"Square-Firefly squid × 釋 Yong Yue (Carpenter cut).
The 漁reta on all sides of the Toyama squid、Grilled on Ember with wood、Spring cabbage together 黒作ri in Toyama、Foam source taken from the shell、NAS Tatum and Bud sansho leaf sauce!

"Women in the Virgin Egg x generator:釋 Yong Yue.
In soft-finishing up the first birth eggs in women in "Virgin egg"、Align the goat cheese and chicken bouillon、Along with the spinach tomatoes and MIYAUCHI dishes!

"L ' évo chicken x generator:Shimoo design (saki).
L gave the name ' évo chicken、As for hands、Will accompany the first fragrant Earl Grey fingerboartu。Masuo fountain chef designation sake Lees giving food、Hiyoco was raised up to 45 days after birth。Along with the thigh and chest flesh hidden "Masuo Izumi Dai-ginjoshu" of polished rice inside、To the skin surface brush Toga rice, dried overnight and then is toasted to crisp! SIP and、Wound in confining the taste the spittle sounds and puritsu、So while out of power good chicken soup! Adult mustard sauce are served at taste was! With delicious smoked chicken broth lots and rice、Is it worthy to "happy life"!

"Shinminato any black x generator:釋 Yong Yue (new) "
Accompanied by acanthopanax and specialties of shinminato to any grown in the mountains of leaves, are toasted! Mountain parsley roots and stems and Yao asparagus、We at Ulva and Greens sauce!

"Johana kokiriko pork x generator:釋 Yong Yue (ÁGE).
While Ember and char-grilled to、Kokiriko pork, savory baked section、Awesome plump with、The view from the fresh look! Vegetables grown in the mountain's natural watercress、Support FIR Dziga、Kogomi、Yoshino、Accompanied by garlic。Curvy、Also I click、While enjoying the afterglow of gravy you overflow、Boasts a taste of pork in the past!

Women in strawberry
Women in strawberry tomatoes should be aligned in the gazpacho sauce。Hida mozzarella espuma is smoothly and soft Jazz、Served with Strawberry chips and marinated strawberries。The acidity of the tomatoes and strawberries go well with、Has produced mozzarella is mellow harmony!

"Petits fours / instrument:Tiny work shop (wheeled bin).
To saksakcrisp using the rice during the chocolate tuile hassaku fruit、The cigar a ganache-like finish! In the whole、Maserati home and such, and was tightened to a pastry!

Maserati who loves gourmet gourmet dinner party I willing owners shut down the、Eiji Taniguchi (Eiji Taniguchi)Tell you thanks to the chef、Commemorative photo together!

MASERATI Nagoya 5th Anniversary Touring to TOYAMA!!

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