Maserati photo with the specialty of "garaku" Toyama-rich breakfast!

Toyama hotel "River retreat ya Yue Kutchan River Retreat Garaku"The breakfast time in annex B1 floor Japanese Aya zeze music taste!

Modern restaurant Interior calm colours, made to order.、Fresh morning sunlight is overflowing.、Guests can enjoy a wonderful view from the window!

Breakfast time、7At-at 10 a.m. admission is 9:30。We did bother with opening first!

Breakfast is、Vegetables, and specialty of Toyama、Seasonal kobachi lined in rich variations、As in the good sense of volume、Just side dishes fit the silver reliquary for rice are cooked in a clay pot with very good balance and、Growth would be too easy to refill your hand!


Morning ya Yue Kutchan-Story of TOYAMA-
Wake up drink

First of all,、Start wake up filled with the scent of fresh herbs! This day is "an Apple、Chamomile、Lemon grass "in taste and refreshing!

Toyama soy

Homemade tofu by using soybeans from Toyama Prefecture "sweet serenity.。Enjoy the smell of tofu is delicious as well.、With weird taste and at munekata chef's homemade "yuzu Ponzu sauce.、And refreshing flavor better also! So here "yuzu Ponzu sauce" was sold in the shop、It is buying for gift!

Many small bowl

"Daikon radish and pork、Green peas.、"Chaozhou-style with beef.、"Roe and mustard leaves.、"Dip of potherb mustard、Japanese ginger sauce.、"Nori Tsukudani"、"Umeboshi"


"Sweet shrimp shrimp、Swordfish、Kelp tightening of the scallops.

Homemade Seiro kamaboko

Since the specialty is kamaboko Toyama、The hot boiled fish paste steamed in Seiro、Come to warm inside!

Clay pot rice

Is boiled in the pot according to the preferred guest breakfast time Toyama rice、If you open the pot lid fine until in the glow of the silver reliquary! There is rice! Has been a rice farmer in Osawa district of Toyama "dirt playing field" of Sean has made organic shelf rice rice。Koshihikari rice malts and rare species、In the rich soil of the mountain、The rice grown with rice-duck、Yonemoto, come taste the condensed、Feel the aftertaste of sweetness、Fragrant rice。Also here are sold!

Miso soup

I can't believe my stomach soup delicious Eggplant and spiral wheat gluten and miso soup!

Japanese pickles

Provided with a cool glass pickles、Good salt pickles!

Munekata chef love this breakfast is always really looking forward to and、Conversation between you and the staff smiling cheek was the breakfast time healing an!

After breakfast、Once again enjoyed the quirky Gero Onsen、片shite to return to Checkout!

His reluctance to dip in the Ya Yue Kutchan、Maserati owners and happy memories to commemorate、Commemorative photo in front of the hotel! In front of the building.、Owner and after both were taken one by one、All Maserati models is located by the main side、Breathtaking photograph!

Please take care Hattori Manager and staff、Truly unforgettable celebration!

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