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At Imperial Hotel Tokyo in the Sherwood Taipei fair held in authentic Chinese cuisine, enjoy!




7/4(Monday)-7/10 from (Sunday) "Empire Hotel (Imperial Hotel) "Of the
17Floor Taipei in the "Imperial Viking sale" 5 star hotel "Taipei West Hua Hotel The Sherwood Taipei"of
Height of the Head Chef of the restaurant King Garden (Yi-Yuan) produces steel, (Ko Kang Fei) cuisine
"The Sherwood Taipei fair" will be held!
Welade Gourmet & Hotel Web Magazineも光栄にも素敵な会にお招きいただき参加して参りました♪
In the memorable opening ceremony、Empire Hotel Manager Mr. Sterling Edition greeting starting with、
「The Sherwood Taipei」のオーナーのMark LiuとGMのAchim V. Hake、
Head Chefの高鋼輝(Ko Kang Fei)の皆でテープカットをされ、Start the celebration with great!


During normal menu for "Imperial Viking sale.、
Beef noodle soup in "The Sherwood Taipei" and juicy and fragrant "oolong tea-flavored crispy chicken.、
He wishes the scent of Lotus leaves are getting dust in addition to delicious texture Okowa dry shrimp and chicken dishes、
Mango, tapioca、Taiwan Suites such as jasmine 出揃imasu!

Speciality "beef noodles"、Made by using the Wagyu cattle in Japan、
Guests can enjoy the rich flavor of plain and clear to clear golden broth!

Became a staple of Cantonese cuisine、Enjoy the crispy texture "crispy chicken"、Taiwan Oolong tea leaves smell spread in my mouth!

At Lanson Champagne Toast! is the beginning of an elegant Lunch.


"The Sherwood Taipei' owner Mark Liu and her cousin Liu Jun who's
We introduce the lovely guest was going meal together at the same table!
And a mark of deep、Japan food industry driven by three consecutive years Michelin three-star has been earned
"One thing Japan food"The Kanda Hiroshi line chefs、
Engaged in restaurant "B-one" 'The Sherwood Taipei"or"Taipei Marriott Hotel.
Designer yasumichi Morita's "GRAMOROS" will be active in the world、
Also、Suzuki, her owner's good looks will be active as a soprano singer and sweet voice、
And、In Tokyo and Karuizawa bakery shop "Boulanger Asano shop"Asano launched Maki I、
In addition、Hemp Noriko Uemura in lovely Madame,、
We have a nice and elegant Lunch Time spent!
At the next table、Every week, to record "Saying Committee NP"In the
Kim MI-old will of also、Able to provide a valuable experience!
Restaurant events here、7/10Was held in Tokyo from (Sunday)、
After that、7/13(Wednesday)-7/19 (Tuesday) and "Imperial Hotel Osaka (Imperial Hotel Osaka)"But because it is going to be held、
Your local of would come to pay a visit please!




















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Bar and the remnants of the Old Imperial Bar Frank-Lloyd's old Imperial Hotel Restaurant feel free to oimachi "Bistro make Roni" farm-fresh seafood and organic vegetables
Bar and the remnants of the Old Imperial Bar Frank-Lloyd's old Imperial Hotel
Restaurant feel free to oimachi "Bistro make Roni" farm-fresh seafood and organic vegetables


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