Sky towers high-rise hotel Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Japan bridge


Towering in the center of the business district of Tokyo, Japan bridge
"Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower' In a 'MANDARIN ORIENTAL TOKYO Mandarin Oriental Tokyo"Mr.。
The proceed was conscious of representing Japan's tradition and elegance of modern Japan、
As well as domestic guests、And received from the overseas guest ratings、
Tokyo sky tree Tower, Tokyo Bay、Skyscrapers of the Otemachi and Marunouchi, Tokyo Imperial Palace、And from Hakone, tanzawa mountains
Location of grand scaleLuxuriously furnished and equipped!

This yearinterview at ladeAre you
"Best restaurant in the world'In total four times winner "Norma Denmark Copenhagen"Can attract to the hotel、
Also choose the known list of millionaires worldwide Forbes magazine 'Forbes travel guide"In the、
Won star hotel and Spa departments in fiveHotel has attracted great attention, and。



CarBy visiting、From the entrance of this admission will be。
Access、MetroFor if the
Ginza, Hanzomon line "third mitsukoshimae station ' directly connected toA7, A8 exitAnd preferred
Japan Bridge station on the Toei Asakusa line and Tozai lineThan7 min walking distanceIt is。
JRFor if the
Total new Japan Bridge station on the Sobu main line underground passageway directly
Each line Tokyo station or Kanda StationThanWalk about 7-8 minutes walking distanceIt is。


Entrance lobby

High ceilings and an open entrance、3Middle of the monthIn that time also and、Early one spring suit elegant rendition of the cherry blossoms.


1Floor elevator Hall

Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower1FIn the entrance、At the top of30F-36 FIn the rooms、On the top floor38FWill be at the front。

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group's symbol in the elevator Hall
11Folding fan with blades made ofDecorated with。
Is this fan groupIconic Oriental spiritHas been、
The original fan of each individual hotel、
Through the unique environment that suits their land and culture-inspired design、
Expresses the essence of charm and culture。
In Tokyo、History and culture of Japan bridge、Homage to tradition、Nishiki-e of Edo Japan bridgeFan has been reproduced。


38Floor front

Top floor of the high-rise tower38FIn the lobby we offer。
That vase carved for the experiment, and the four seasons of Japan feel guests visited the cherry
Spring feelings whenever I feel heart goodness and taste。

Is this Tokyo accommodation、For dinner with friends or a business meeting、
The other day、"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"Is it in history was also、
We introduceTokyoEven bother!


The front desk staff

Yoshimoto's Mandarin Oriental TaipeiFrom before former colleagues in
Front Office ManagerHideki Igarashi stormAnd (left) was introduced for、Received will greetings!


Complete check-in at the front desk、In the hotelWi-Fi settingsTell me whats。
For a high floor, no cell phone reception Hello、WiFiThe environment is helpful.


38FFrom the East side "Tokyo sky tree"You can hope in this sense of distance.


Guest-room elevator's security、Your room key on the sensor、UnlockAnd the use of。


This time、The rooms become indebted33F '3306' Mandarin Grand roomIs!
Let's get into the room immediately!


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2-1-1 Nihonbashi-Muromachi Japan Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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