"Floral Cafe’ at Napasorn" Photogenic Cafe operated by a florist!

Pak Khlong Talat, The Largest Flower Market in Thailand, is a photogenic coffee shop run by a nearby Flower shop.Floral Cafe’ at Napasorn(Floral Cafe at Napasone)!

The second and third floors of the Flower shop on Chakraphet Road are cafes.、If you go up the stairs, you will find dried flowers and fresh flowers.、A space decorated with plenty of green scantly appears、It creates an atmosphere that becomes a picture no matter where you cut it.、It's like a fairyland world view!

The decoration of the shop is、It is switched by timing and event.、There are a lot of regular customers who visit regularly to look forward to the decoration of the sense preeminent.、Butler's SMET 's recommended cafe, so this is、It is famous as one of Bangkok's most popular photogenic cafes!

After you introduce the cafe owner and say hello、Order and take a table!

Salad "Sweet Crispy Pork" 250THB (about 900 yen for Japanese yen)
A healthy salad with a fresh, crispy texture mixed with crispy pork seasoned with sweet and spicy crispy pork!

Smoothie "Mango Yogurt" 150THB (about 540 yen in Japanese yen) 1THB : about 3.6 yen (converted at the rate in November 2019)
Smoothie is the strongest combination of mango and yogurt in a big glass.、Fresh mango and sauce、I think that the satisfaction is more than just eating mango!

Smoothie "Lychee" 140THB (about 500 yen in Japanese yen)
And lychee smoothies.、You can get a refreshing aftertaste while rich in deliciousness as if you concentrated the goodness of the lychee tightly!

Cake "Very Berry Brownie" 90THB (about 320 yen for Japanese yen)
It is a brownie that can enjoy the richness with a moist texture、An adult chocolate cake that makes the sweet and sour raspberry sweet and sour without being too heavy and accents it!

When I had a cake abroad、It's too big.、It's too sweet.、In texture、Most of the time, I feel sorry.、This cake is delicious that overturns the fixed concept!

Two cats are freely released in the shop.、round and large eyes and low nose、Because the ears are separated and the round head is a feature、Perhaps the breed is the popular Exotic Shorthair!?


I'm quietly relaxing in the shop、Very friendly.、If you come close to a cat-loving customer、The figure that makes me stroke in a quiet way is unbearable and cute!

The level is different from just an Insta-like cafe.、Floral Cafe at Napasorn, which exudes a high-sense worldview, is a great way to visit the flower market!

Floral Cafe at Napasorn (Floral Cafe at Napasone)
Address:67 Chakkraphet Rd, Wang Burapha Phirom, Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200 Thailand
TEL:+66 2 222 6895
Hours of operation:10:00To 22:00

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