Depart to Bangkok, Thailand! Transfer use of "Tokyo rent-a-car" with a safe and convenient driver!

This November's birthday trip is decided in Bangkok, Thailand, which I love! Sawadi Kra (Pu) / Kera-ya/K-Ta-Ta-ta-ta-e!!

"Central Japan International Airport (Centrair)(From Chubu Centrair International Airport、Lcc of international flights for the first timeYin Yi:Thai Air Asia"Don Muang Airport (Don-Mueng International Airport (Dmk)Flight to!
What is LCC?、Abolition of free services and paying for them、Such as to simplify the in-flight equipment、It is a low-cost airline with a low price of the regular fare itself by efficient management.。

In LCC、All additional charges for luggage above the specified size and in-flight food and beverages are for a fee.、There is a lot of demand for low fares.、It's used by people all over the world.、I think this service makes many tourists feel close to traveling abroad!

First of all, breakfast which becomes the last Japanese food lightly in Centrair!

On the way to the boarding gate、My husband's old friend, Naganori Kobayashi (Hisanori Kobayashi)I was able to meet Mr. and Mrs.
Thank you very much for the joyful coincidence that you can meet your old acquaintances again at the large airport!

Boarding time is almost on schedule departure.、In-flight with full crowd。
Lcc because there is no movie (monitor) which is also a fun of the sky、It is a good idea to prepare a tool (such as a book) that you can kill time by yourself for time other than meals!

Prices vary depending on the product for in-flight meals for paid services!

"Pad Thai with Egg Wrap" 220THB (about 790 yen for Japanese yen) Combo fee including drinks is 270THB (about 970 yen for Japanese yen) so I made it a combo with green tea!

Focaccia Sandwich 150THB、"Drip Coffee (Asean Blend Drip Coffee)" 80THB (about 290 yen for Japanese yen)

I didn't expect much of an in-flight meal.、Both of them were much more delicious than I imagined!

We arrived at Don Muang Airport, about 20km north of central Bangkok in Thailand in about 6 hours with good weather and good-looking flight day!

The time difference between Thailand and Japan is minus 2 hours!
As of November in Japan, the winter is in the early winter.、The average temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius and the climate is cool.、Bangkok has a mild climate with average temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius all year round!
Also、11From Monday to February is the dry season.、Tourists will also increase at once because it becomes the best season that is very easy to spend without squalls!

On the day of arrival, Bangkok is past 15:00.、The temperature was warm at 33 degrees Celsius.、The climate that feels very comfortable for our husband and wife in the cold! Bangkok is recommended in winter!

Taxi charter stomist stoaning from the airport to the hotel、We pre-booked the very convenient "Miyako Siam Car Rent with the driver in Bangkok, Thailand" which I used on my last trip to Bangkok, and asked for a transfer!

In the capital rent-a-car、Because there is a contact number of the Japanese direct、Even those who are not good at Thai or English do not have any trouble!
Also、Parking fee、High-speed bill、Gasoline bill、Driver's fee is easy to understand at a flat rate including all、Above all, for the company of the Japanese manager、It leads to the most peace of mind by the management system that consideration is attentive to detail!

At Gate2, the designated location in the arrival sandat area of Terminal 1 for international flights, i was greeted by a placard that read "Mr.NEDACHI."、Montree Sunantarat, 47 years old, a veteran driver with 7 years of experience working at Tokyo Rent-a-Car! Sawadi Kra (Pu) / Kera-ya/K-Ta-Ta-ta-ta-e!!

You don't have to walk to the general parking lot in the airport with Tokyo Rent-A-Car.、To meet you in front of the exit、It is possible to ride smoothly without moving while carrying heavy luggage, and it is tireless!

If you load your luggage in the car、When it comes、Leave for the city!

There are many people who can't speak English at taxi-do-tai bar in Thailand, so there are not a few troubles.、If it is a dedicated driver who has reserved a destination in advance, it becomes a comfortable drive and non-stress!

The Tokyo Rent-a-Car is a Japanese car、Clean, safe and comfortable inside the car!
This driver, Montree, was able to have a conversation in English.、You can communicate along the way.、It was a fun drive about 50 minutes to the hotel!

[Transfer fee]
Airport to Hotel 1,400THB / (about 5,040 yen in Japanese yen)
1THB: about 3.6 yen (converted at the rate in November 2019)
Because the capital rental car is a charge of one car、Golf tours, women's trips, etc.、It is also recommended for small group trips!

Miyako Rent A Car (Miyako Siam Car Rent)
Address:1 Prompan Tower 2 Floor 2 Unit 207, Soi Ladprao3, Ladprao Road, Chom Phon. Chatuchack,Bangkok 10900
Direct Japanese:082-385-3555(Mobile Phone)
Sales:Monday to Friday
(Japan time) 10:30-19:30 (Thailand time) 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
(Japan time) 10:30-14:00 (Thailand time) 8:30-12:00

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