"Babble & cocktail dinner at the riverside dyed with rum" illumination

Riverside hotels in BangkokRiva Surya Bangkok(Reba Surya Bangkok) all-dining restaurant "Babble & Rum at Riva Surya BangkokCocktail dinner at (Bubble & Lamb)!

Bubble & Lamb 6 in the morning:30- Night 0:00To be open all day until、Guests can enjoy meals without worrying about time!

There is also a terrace dining along chao Phraya River、Authentic Thai cuisine using fresh local organic ingredients while feeling the pleasant tropical breeze、Asian cuisine、Let's enjoy European cuisine and more!

The first dinner in Bangkok will make you want to eat Thai food on the royal road!
When the sky at dusk turns to royal blue、A hotel dyed with illumination。The boats and bridges running along the Chao Phraya River are also lit with neon lights.、It changes to a bright night!

The menu is in English only.、Because it is a photograph, the contents of the dish and the sense of volume are easy to understand.、It is also highly evaluated that consideration has been made so that the fingering order can also be made! I ordered three kinds of dishes while asking for recommendations.、We will have it with a cocktail!

In this trip to Bangkok, I would like to introduce Lade's "Vessels and Travel Series"、Potter appeared in the project part 1 ""Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)"The sharp instrument boasts a simple stripped-down useless、Who participated in the planning part 2Shimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)San&Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo)Is it writer's unit "Shimoo Design"The symbolizing the beauty of Japan、We will collaborate at various restaurants with wooden wares that do not forget rational and beautiful! Thank You for the Collaboration!!

Cocktail "Surya Mango Drifting" 250THB (about 900 yen in Japanese yen) ( 1THB: about 3.6 yen (converted at the rate in November 2019)
Light lamb mixed with sweet sour and mango juice、Served with plenty of large cut fresh mango and fresh mint!
Once you come to Thailand, you can enjoy the mango you want to eat!
Mint is not too sweet and refreshing、However,、The freshness and richness of mango are not lost.、And it is a cocktail of the women's uke which is easy to drink while being wrapped in the fragrance of the lamb!

Cocktail "Strawberry Ice Tea" 250THB (about 900 yen for Japanese yen)
Tequila、Light ram、Vodka、Strawberry Liqueur、Mix sweet sour sour spree and sprite、Cocktail with whole salmon and fresh lemon!
Enjoying the gradation color of the liqueur、I was able to adjust the sweetness while mixing the syrup of the lower part little by little!

Thai cuisine 1 "Samosa Lanb Moo" 250THB (about 900 yen for Japanese yen) x bowl:Shimoo Design Floating Leeds Round Plate Φ280
The classic samosa of Thai cuisine、Add onion to minced pork、It's like a deep-fried spring roll stuffed with seeds seasoned with Thai-specific spices!
Because it is finished in the seed which feels a little sweetness、If you eat it with a spicy fish sauce, it is sweet and spicy and the balance is just right!
Not crispy、In The Middle Juicy、You can enjoy the ethnic aroma and taste delicious even if you add pakchi!

Thai food 2 "Tod Mun Goong" 320THB (about 1,150 yen for Japanese yen) x bowl:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga) mars himawari Φ250
Tod Fry、Mun is fat、Goong is shrimp、Means!
The outside is crispy and inside is a full volume fried food filled with shrimp surimi of prepuri!
Enjoy with a sweet sauce with the sour taste of plums!
Because we like sweet and spicy、I put the sauce of Samosa and it was delicious!


Thai food (3) "Pad Thai River Prawng" 350THB (about 1,260 yen for Japanese yen) x bowl:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga) Reversible petri dish Φ250
Pattai is a yakisoba called in Japan!
Sweet and sour sauce is intertwined with the thick texture of rice noodles.、It is a popular soul food of Thailand with a response to eat!
In Thailand, onitennaga shrimp (Macrobrachium rosenbergi) is popular in Thailand.、The more the hand-length bag boasts an overwhelming presence, the more the vessel is large!
The crispy fried dough is made into a bowl、Decoration with decorated lime and gorgeous orchids is also beautiful、It is a dish that can be photographed in a catchy way! I think it's a reasonable price for a hotel restaurant.、It is recommended because it is a taste that is easy to eat even for Japanese people!

Every Thursday、Friday、6 pm on Saturday only:30-21:00In between the、The hotel's exclusive house band "Brownie Burger" will perform and enjoy a small rhythm with live music!

Also、20 daily at this restaurant:00-21:00happy hour per hour.、If you buy your first drink, you can enjoy your second drink for free.、Talk while immersed in the band music that sounds comfortable riding in the night breeze、You can enjoy alcohol!

Babble & rum restaurant (bubble & ram)
Hours of operation:6:30to 0:00(All-dining)

Riva Surya Bangkok (Reba Surriya Bangkok)
Location:23 Phra Arthit Road Phra Nakhon, Bangkok, 10200, Thailand
TEL:+66 2 633 5000

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