Holding the son pet market Chiang Mai old city residents food kitchen of market


Chiang Mai city、
And the old town was surrounded by walls on all sides that the cardinal、And made a new town spread around、
Across the moat and inner and outer road、Each one is way。
Inside the moat is the old town。
Guest House "Arte House Arte House"From the、
Go inside the moatMoonman Street Moonmuang Rd.Close、Walk 1-2 minute walk。
Immediately、Take a stroll through the surrounding.


The edge of the old town、Is said to be approximately 2 km、Surrounded by a moat surrounding the。
Is a water and dig therefore、Though the endless summer in Chiang Mai、What Office or in a cool, there is!


Moonman Street is a bustling, along comes a lot of stalls.


SOI 6 Soi 6Went to seeSon pet Sompet Market"There。
The market of wooden buildings dating back more than 50 years ago、
In the diet of local people to support the presence of kitchen、Is a small little market that is loved by locals。


In the alleys of the market in the neighborhood is plenty of cheap guest houses、Will be a lot of backpackers area。
Mornings and evenings、Albeit the travelers and locals、And filled with the exotic atmosphere of the lively。
As a result、Recently in this area、More stylish hotels and guest houses、
As a result、Cafes and small galleries have opened one after another and it is!




Son pet market、Small scale while awash in food products such as fruits, vegetables and household goods。
Also tropical fruits has been piling up、Will make me happy just watching!
Butcher and grocer shop located in、Street food will be available.


Son pet marketOf the areaMoonman Street SOI 6The、
A stylish Café and bakery I、There are a lot of unique grocery store。
Here "Dah bakery House DA's Bakery House"The、
Foreigners are staying in guesthouses and popular、
Morning、Recommend the banana bread freshly baked croissants and cinnamon rolls、Baked goods are sold。
Delicious original blend coffee can be enjoyed together.

Dah bakery House DA's Bakery House
Location:37/2 Moonmuang Road, SOI 6 | Sriphoom, Chiang Mai, Thailand
TEL:+66 53 289 551

Hours of operation:7:00-19:00
Closed on Mondays:No


Shop massage I also so seen several、Come soothe your tired。
Shop massage it is、Places of interest in Chiang Mai than in Bangkok is!


In the market、Small B-class gourmet also sells、To help the hungry、Noticed I buy a spring roll.


"Spring roll Spring Roll" single 10 THB (Japan yen approximately 40 yen)

Vegetables are plenty of spring rolls、So easy to eat was cut into three equal parts。
That will be accompanied by a sweet chili、Because it is attached to the base、Its still delicious!


Spring rolls that stimulates the stomach?、So went、
By tuk-tuk to find and negotiate a fare,、You go to a restaurant you are looking for!
Next in line、"Chengmai happy tour Chiangmai Happy Tour"The local guideGloryAnd I to recommend the
In Chiang Mai Thai restaurant in long-established "Fan pen Huen Phen" introduction!

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